Real Name
Anung un Rama
First Apperance
Dime Press #4 (March, 1993) [1st Hellboy prototype appearance, cover only], San Diego Comic Con Comics #2 (August, 1993) [1st full Hellboy appearance, black & white only], Next Men #21 (December, 1993) [1st appearance in a regularly published title, 1st color appearance]
Mike Mignola
Team Affiliations
World Destroyer, Great Beast, Beast of the Apocalypse, Right Hand of Doom, Son of the Fallen One, Brother Red, Red, Man-Beast, Mane
Base of Operations
Hell, Mobile (formerly), B.P.R.D. headquarters (formerly)
Superhuman strength and endurance, Healing factor, Longevity, Innate capability to comprehend magical languages, Immunity to fire and lightning, The Right Hand of Doom
Skills and Abilities
Expert Monster Fighter and Paranormal Investigator
Specially designed handguns

Hellboy is a paranormal investigator, superhero and the star of the comic book series Hellboy.


Summoned by evil forces in the hopes of ending the world near the end of World War II, an infant demon was rescued by Allied forces.  Raised by humans, Hellboy decided to work to save humanity and the Earth from dangerous paranormal forces.



Anung Un Rama was a demon born to the witch Sarah Hughes and the demon Azzael on October 5th, 1917.  Sarah gained magic powers as a gift for being the royal consort to Azzael.  However, she died in childbirth while attempting to repent her witchcraft in a church, after Azzael burned her alive.  Azzael's demon child survived the flames due to his innate immunity to fire and was named Anung Un Rama.  Azzael chopped of the child's right hand and replaced it with an ancienty stone hand called the Right Hand of Doom, which was tied to the evil entity known as Ogdru Jahad.  The other princes of Hell were displeased by Azzael's actions, so in response, he had his child exiled while he himself was robbed of his powers and encased in ice.

On EarthEdit

Anung Un Rama summoned in the final months of World War II by the famous "Mad Monk" Grigori Rasputin on Tarmagant Island, off the coast of Scotland, having been commissioned by the Nazis to change the tide of war.  As a direct result of this ritual, he appears on Earth in a fireball in a ruined church in East Bromwich, England, on December 23, 1944. Despite the passage of time, Anung Un Rama still had the appearance of a child.  As he was about to be collected by Rasputin, the child was liberated by Allied Forces and occult expert Professor Trevor "Broom" Bruttenholm.  

Taken by the army to an air force base in New Mexico, Hellboy is raised by the U.S Army and by the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD), a private organization dedicated to combating occult threats. However, it is not until he ate his first human meal (a meal of pancakes) that he is forever bound to the mortal world.  Raised and befriended by humans (notably U.S. Military Base personal such as General Norton Ricker and his dog Mac) and dubbed "Hellboy", the child grew into a man, albeit initially at a rapid rate (and later at a more slower rate). 

Hellboy was granted "honorary human" status by the United Nations in 1952, and was known as the "world's greatest paranormal investigator". As such, he interacted regularly with humans, primarily law enforcement officials, the military, and various "scholars of the weird", most of whom are not presented as overtly reacting to his strange appearance, due to their experiences and professionalism.  It was this year he officially joined the newly formed B.P.R.D. (Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence) as an agent.

Early CareerEdit

Though his body had aged into something resembling a very physically fit middle aged man, Hellboy's mental age was more of that of a rebellious teenager.  He focused his studies solely into various supernatural subjects until he became one of the world's leader occult experts.  Soon after completing his studies, Hellboy became a field agent, travelling the world on behalf of the B.P.R.D., fighting evil threats and encountering all sorts of supernatural entities, good, evil and neutral. When completing a mission for the mysterious Osiris Club, he learned that the mission was merely a test of his true nature. Other notable early missions involved working with occult researcher Professor Edmond Aickman with his studies on an entity called the King Void (and later found out he was being manipulated by Aickman) and helping a corpse get to his resting place (which earned him the interest of the King of the Daoine Sidhe, the fairy folk of Ireland). In 1979, Hellboy had his first encounter with an Ogdru Hem, a demonic creature and one of the children of the Ogdru Jahad, the creature destined to end the world, while assisting the medium Mister Tod (who died at the creature's hand).  In 1991, Hellboy had a time travelling battle against a mad scientist named Doctor Carp.

Seed of DestructionEdit

A few years after battling Doctor Carp, in the present day, Hellboy had a meeting with Professor Bruttenholm. The Professor confided in him some fears related to his dreams when an army of frogs and a large frog creature burst onto the scene and murdered Bruttenholm. Hellboy was teamed with fellow agents Abe Sapien (a genetically engineered amphibious human-like creature) and Liz Sherman (a pyrokinetic) on an official BPRD mission to find out why. They followed the only lead they had, Bruttenholm's mentioning of "Cavendish" to Cavendish Hall as supposedly haunted mansion and question the owner, Mrs. Cavendish.  Mrs. Cavendish confided that the boys in her family were cursed to seek out something in the arctic, never to return. In fact, the Cavendish boys and Bruttenholm together discovered the power entity known as Sadu-Hem and accidentally awoke it.  The Cavendishes were turned into monsters while Rasputin, a worshipper of Ogdru Jahad, used Bruttenholm to set up a trap by creating the mystery that would lure Hellboy to Cavendish Hall.  Hellboy ended up fighting frog monsters in Cavendish Hall and Rasputin appeared to convince Hellboy to take on the role of the Beast of the Apocalypse.  Hellboy refused and a battle raged that ended with Abe Sapien, possessed by the ghost of the father of the Cavendish boys, killing Rasputin while Liz Sherman used her pyrokinetic powers to kill Sadu-Hem.  Rasputin's spirit fled, promising to make Hellboy end the world.



Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Powers and EquipmentEdit

Immune to fire and electrocutation, super strength, healing factor, endurance, ages slower than humans, holy relics, massive stone fist, huge revolver, sometimes his horns when they are grown.

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