Real Name
Patricia Walker Baxter Hellstrom
First Appearance
Miss America Magazine #2 (November, 1944) [as Patsy Walker], The Avengers (vol. 1) #144 (February, 1976) [as Hellcat]
Ruth Atkinson
Team Affiliations
Defenders, Avengers, Lady Liberators, Legion of the Unliving
Base of Operations
New York City
Telekinesis, Psychic resistance, Retractable claws
Skills and Abilities
Well-trained Martial Artist
Tools and Weapons
Wrist-mounted grappling hook

Hellcat is a superheroine in the Marvel Universe and a former wife of Daimon Hellstrom.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Patsy Walker was a fan of superheroes who ended up in a situation where she had the opportunity to save the Avengers, after putting on the costume of the superheroine The Cat.  She was trained by the superheroine Moondragon and returned to join the Defenders as Hellcat.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Patricia Walker was born to Joshua and Dorothy Walker (the former being a professional comic book writer) in Centerville, California.  Patricia (or "Patsy") became a model and commercial actress at a young age with her mother acting as her agent.  Her mother also helped her popularity by creating a romanitc comic book series about her teenage daughter and her real life friends, which lasted about 10 years and remained popular during Patsy's adolescence.  Eventually, the comic ended, much to Patsy's relief as she felt her mother had been exploiting her for her own benefit.  The constant exposure to comic books had a profound effect on her and she developed a fascination with superheroes and even had a crush on the superhero Mr. Fantastic.  After High School, she married het boyfriend Robert "Buzz" Baxter, who went on to become an Air Force officer and the two spent a few years living in Air Force bases.

Hellcat[edit | edit source]

While Buzz was assigned to a security post for the government subsidized Brand Corporation, Patsy and Buzz's relationship came to an end.  Soon after, Patsy happened to meet the superhero the Beast and learned his secret identity.  She promised not to reveal it, but in exchange he wanted Beast to help her beome a superheroine, just as she always wanted.  Beast let her tag along with his investigation of the Brand Corporation and during their adventure, she discovered a superhero costume that once belonged to a superhero named the Cat and used it to fight against the Brand Corporation alongside the Avengers as Hellcat.

After he successful battle against the Brand Corporation, Hellcat desired to join the Avengers but was given an offer from Moondragon, a superheroine and priestess from the moon Titan.

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