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The Hero Selective

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First Appearance
ReBoot, "Where No Sprite Has Gone Before"
D.C. Fontana (episode writer), Mike Berenstain (series creator), Ike Berenstain (series creator), Gavin Blair (series creator), Ian Pearson (series creator), Phil Mitchell (series creator), John Grace (series creator)
Robert Cursor (leader), Cold Boot, Copy Girl, Email, Feline, Gigagirl, Pixel, Powerlog
The Hard Drive
Rallying Cry
Zip Boards

The Hero Selective is a group of superheroes who appear in the TV series Reboot in the episode "Where No Sprite Has Gone Before".  They are an homage both to classic superhero teams like the Justice League of America and the Avengers as well as the original cast of the TV series Star Trek.


In the inner world of computers, a system in need of defenses created their own heroes.  However, these heroes ended up going to war with the very people they were charged with protecting when the people who created them began to fear their power.


In a computer system that needed defenses, the entities known as the spectrals who control it realized they needed defenders, because though they were powerful, they did not have the ability to "reboot" and change their form to defend against the games and other threats.  So several spectrals were transformed into sprites, who became the system's protectors: the Hero Selective.  However, after defending their system, many of the Hero Selective wanted to return to their spectral form, only to be denied.

This resulted in a war between the older spectrals and the Hero Selective.  Eventually, under the noses of both factions, two viruses infiltrated each side, manipulating each faction to their own ends.