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Hero Zero

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Real Name
David McRae
First Appearance
Hero Zero #0 (September, 1994)
Michael Eury, Rose Rummel-Eury, Brian Apthorp
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
Cinnabar Flats
Size Changing (with help from Zero Intelligence)
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Zero Intelligence

Hero Zero is a superhero in the Dark Horse Universe who controls a giant robot named Zero.


David McRae is a young man who, by chance, ended up with a alien machine inside his head capable of turning him into a giant machine named Hero Zero.



Zero is the name of a computer built by the entity known as Vortex in his secret base in the desert.  In 1947, Zero was abandoned when Vortex ended up trapped in a dimensional maelstrom.  Over time, it contacted three people: the drifter known as Motorhead (who possessed a strange artifact belonging to Vortex called the Motor), a superhero named Mecha (who possessed Vortex's old battle armor) and a young man named David McRae.

It is unknown the exact series of events that caused it to happen, but the computer inserted itself in David McRae's body.  The two merged and David found himself able to grow giant, which he used to help people as the superhero Hero Zero.


Hero Zero would go on to save lives with his first big adventure leading him to battle a titanic dragon made of demons.  Later, Hero Zero met Vortex and saved him from three alien enemies.  Vortex, originally planning to destroy Zero, believing him to be dangerous to Earthlings, was moved by David's devotion to his friend and allowed Zero to live.  Vortex also left behind some mysterious gems for him for reasons unknown.