Hiro Nakamura

Hiro nakamura.jpg

Real Name
Hero Nakamura
First Appearance
Heroes, "Genesis"
Tim Kring
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
Tokyo, Japan
Time Travel, Time Manipulation, Teleportation
Skills and Abilities
Trained Swordsman
Tools and Weapons

Hiro Nakamura is a character on the television series Heroes and Heroes Reborn and is capable of controlling time.

Hiro Nakamura was played by Masi Oka. The younger version of the characters were played by Sekai Murashige, Garrett Masuda, and  Mikey Kawata.

Origin[edit | edit source]

A daydreaming salaryman one day discovered that he had the power to control time and decided to use it to become a hero as he always dreamed.

Origins.[edit | edit source]

Always dreamt of being a super hero later many years later he worked at his dad's industry when he was in a train he teleported in New York two years in the future he stole a comic and the cops got him question but Hiro spoke Japanese and then bomb and went to the present. The comic was created by Isaac Mendez who draws the future and the comic showed Hiro what he needed to do to save the world. The comic showed that he needed to save the cheerleader Claire Bennet, though he wasn't able to he helped Peter Petrelli save the cheerleader. But he later lost his powers to get them back he need Takezo Sensei's sword he stole from help of Nathan Petrelli and his best friend Ando. Later he teleported to the Japan in the age of the Samurai where he met Takezo Sensei before Takezo was the great heroe they say he is. Hiro had to train Takezo the way of the heroe but betrayed him by kissing his wife. He telported back to normal time a day before the infamous bomb was gonna explode, his father took him and trained him to use his sword so he could kill Sylar. Hiro stabs Sylar but he escaped.

Hiro when he stabbed Sylar

Equipment and power.[edit | edit source]

Hiro has a katana samurai sword. Hiro can teleport any where and travel through space and time.

Heroes Reborn.[edit | edit source]

Hiro has a daughter who can teleport. She can teleport into a video game by just pulling out Hiro's sword. Hiro gets traped inside a video game. His daughter tries to save Hiro many times. She wins the game and frees Hiro. Hiro saves Noah. Hiro and Noah time travel to the past to save Claire and stop the summit from blowing up.

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