The Hostel


Los Angeles (near Bronson Canyon)
First Appearance
Runaways (Vol. 1) #6 (November, 2003)
Notable Residents
The Runaways
Points of Interest
The Lobby

The Hostel was the headquarters/sanctuary for the teen superhero team The Runaways in the Marvel Universe.

History[edit | edit source]

The Hostel was a large mansion called Bronson Canyon in Los Angeles that was built for an unnamed "crazy actor" during the 1920's.  Some time later, the mansion was destroyed when it fell into an abandoned mine during an earthquake. In the 21st century, it was discovered by the Runaways, a team of young heroes looking to hide from their criminal parents.  The Runaways used it as a base of operations while they planned to defeat their parents.

Later, the Hostel was invaded by the Pride's forces and Runaways member Nico Minoru used her power to cave in the Hostel, effectively ending it as a base of operations.

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