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Real Name
Rex Tyler
First Appearance
Adventure Comics (Vol. 1) #48 (March, 1940)
Ken Fitch, Bernard Baily
Team Affiliations
Justice Society of America, Freedom Fighters, All-Star Squadron, Justice League
Base of Operations
New York City
Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability, Night vision, Ability to survive underwater
Skills and Abilities
Experienced Fighter, Chemist
Miraclo Pills

Hourman (Rex Tyler) is a superhero in the DC Universe with the ability to gain superpowers for an hour a time with the use of a specially designed drug called Miraclo.


A brilliant chemist, Rex Tyler created a drug he called Miraclo, which gave him super-powers for one hour at a time, which he used to fight crime as Hourman. The pill caused him to be addicted because it was basically a drug, his successor in the guise of hourman (Rick Tyler), circumvented this problem by injecting it into his blood with the help of a device in his suit.


Rex Tyler was born and raised in Ithica, New York (his parentage remains unrevealed).

In other media[]

In the Batman cartoon The Brave and The Bold, instead of the drug Miraclo, the character was put on gaining powers through the hourglass he carried with him, to be easier to show to children.

In the TV series Arrow, a drug with a name similar to Miraclo was shown in reference to him, the character hourman appeared in the spin-off of Arrow and Tha Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, but it had nothing to do with this drug or anything replacement, it was a character without powers that has not even been explained because he is called Hourman. Both Rex Tyler and the character (Rick Tyler) who is his successor in the comics appear in the series Stargirl.