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The House of Secrets


Abel, The Secret Six (Note, that is a different location with the same name)
First Appearance
House of Secrets (Vol. 1) #1, (November/December 1956)
The Dreaming
Points of Interest
The basement, the sitting room

The House of Secrets is a location of great importance in the DC Universe.


The House of Secrets of the Dreaming[]

The history of the House of Secrets stretches way back into the early days of the universe.  It should be noted that the story of its origin as told to mortals has been altered to be made comprehendible to mortals.  After Cain commited the world's first act of murder against his brother Abel, both were cursed to live forever: Cain to murder his brother every day and his brother to be murdered.  Neither could remain dead and became effectively immortal.

Death of the Endless, the living embodiment of death, had seen what had happened to them and asked Dream of the Endless, the living embodiment of dream to help them.  Dream allowed them to live in the Dreaming (the place where all dreams occur) and created a house for each of them: the House of Mystery for Cain and the House of Secrets for Abel.  Soon, the House became a place were important stories that contain secrets would be collected, though it is unclear if Abel collected stories or the House did.

The House of Secrets of Kentucky[]

In the 20th Century, a House of Secrets was built on Earth in America for a man named Senator Sanderson that was built only of materials from Kentucky and was enchanted so that only pure-blooded Kentuckians could remain in the House.  However, the Senator eventually sold the house when the Senator's wife went mad after ascending to the upper floors.  The House was sold four times but each of the new owners was driven away by mysterious circumstances due to the fact that they weren't Kentuckians. Abel, in the realm of mortals (or at least, so it seemed), found himself being driven to the House and given the role of caretaker by an entity that represented as aspect of the House's existance,