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Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck.jpg

Real Name
Howard (last name unknown)
First Appearance
Adventure into Fear #19 (December, 1973)
Steve Gerber, Val Mayerik
Team Affiliations
Circus of Crime, Defenders, All-Night Party, Daydreamers, A.R.M.O.R., Fearsome Four, Ducky Dozen
Son of Satan, Leonard the Duck, Howard the Human, Iron Duck, Agent Duck, Cynical Duck
Base of Operations
New York City
Duck physiology, Minimal magic manipulation
Skills and Abilities
Master of Quack Fu

Howard the Duck is a character in the Marvel Universe and an alien from an alternate universe of ducks.


After being transported from his home dimension where ducks are the dominant species, Howard finds himself trapped in a world he never made: Earth.



Howard, whose last name was unrevealed, was hatched by his mother Henrietta and his father Ronald, a working class Catholic couple on the planet Duckworld.  Duckworld is a planet from an alternate universe very similar to (and in some ways nearly identical to) Earth, but where intelligent ducks become the dominant species.  Howard grew up in the city of New Stork, New Stork (Duckworld's equivalent of New York, New York) along with his brother Orville and his sister Theresa.  Though Howard was an unusually bright child, constant bullying discouraged Howard from his studies, causing him to waste his potential.

Trapped in a World He Never Made[]

When an entity named Thog the Nether-Demon used his powers to shift the interdimensional axis of reality, accidentally causing Howard to be unexpectedly dislodged from his home dimension and was transported to universe known as Earth 616.