Hub City

Hub City.jpg

Illinois, USA
First Appearance
Blue Beetle (Volume 5) #1 (June, 1967)
Notable Residents
Question (Victor Sage), Ted Kord
Points of Interest
KBEL-TV, Old Town

Hub City is a city in the DC Universe and was the home to the original Question.

History[edit | edit source]

The land that would become Hub City was explored in 1818 by Gaston Hupert, a former officer of famed French pirate Jean Lafitte.  Gaston would be known for declaring the land the "hub of a mighty empire", a quote which would earn Hub City it's name.

The city would later become infamous for its crime and corrupt politicians. It is known to be the home of Vic Sage, a journalist who leads a double life as the vigilante known as the Question.  The Question would eventually be key in cleaning up some of the major criminals and uncovering graft across the city.  It has also been the home of Ted Kord, better known as the Blue Beetle, and the headquarters of his company Kord Industries.

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