The Huntress is the name of two superheroines and one super-villain in the DC Universe, two from the alternate universe Earth 2 and one who first appeared after the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Paula BrooksEdit

Paula Brooks was a super-villainess who battled the original Wild Cat who later became known as Tigress.

Helena BertinelliEdit

200px-Huntress Bertinelli


Helena Bertinelli was born to a rich family in Starling city who owned a construction company but worked a lot with the triad. She swore on her dead fiance's grave to bring down her fathers company for killing him. But she killed a accountant from the company but almost killed Green Arrow's mom, which is where they met (though Arrow didn't know it was her). He needed to do a bussiness deal with her dad, but ended going on a date with Helena. They ate a Italian restaurant after they left, Arrow's partner said some mafia men were at the restaurant he hooded up, but found a woman in black fighting them. Both of them fought them they fought each other where Helena took of his hood, and Arrow her bike helmet. Later Arrow trained her to use the crossbow because he says guns are to brash weapons, but while training they fell in love. She then set out to murder her father while the traid want to too, so Green Arrow went to save him. But Helena's father was carrying a laptop that had information that could destroy his company, after the police came they saw his laptop and went to jail. After that she went rogue started killing a lot of people to find his father's prison, the police did a operation to move him somwhere else. Huntress went after him but got caught and she was gonna say what was Green Arrow's secret identity. Green Arrow was forced to break her out of jail, she later went to a house where her father was supposed to be kept. She then killed cops that were stationed with and injured Mckenna Hall the cop Green Arrow was now dating. Mckenna survived the gunshot but went to Coast City (Where Green Lantern  lives) for rehab. Later she also joins the JLA (Justice League of America)
Huntress arrow

Huntress in ARROW

Weapons and SuitEdit

She wears a purple outfit bought by Arrow, and uses a high powered crossbow


Huntress cartoon

huntress cartoon version

She comes out in Green Arrow's show: ARROW and in some epsiodes of Justice League unlimited. But also in some of those episodes of cartoons it shows shes dating the Question
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