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Hurricane is the name of two unrelated characters in DC Comics.

Hurricane (Power Girl villain)[]


The first Hurricane was an enemy of the superhero Power Girl. Hurricane was a young man who was granted superhuman abilities by a 45,000 year-old sorcerer known as the Weaver. He was one of several such villains selected to combat Power Girl. Hurricane and Power Girl fought with one another in the middle of a trendy Manhattan nightclub. Speaking with a medieval dialect, Hurricane was able to spot Power Girl in her civilian identity of Karen Starr, and tore the nightclub apart trying to get to her. Hurricane enjoyed the thrill of the combat, and would have preferred to keep Power Girl as a trophy all to himself, but by his own account, he was beholden to a more powerful master. Power Girl ensnared Hurricane with a supply of power cables, then delivered an impact punch to the ground he was standing on to throw off his footing. Realizing that Power Girl now had the upper hand, Hurricane made a hasty retreat.

Hurricane (New 52)[]

A superhero very similar to Firestorm. Identity: Unknwon.