The incredibles

The Incredibles are a superhero team/family who star in the animated movie The Incredibles.


Shortly after superheroes Mr. Incredible and Elasti-Girl were marries, public opinion turns against superheroes and many are forced to a Superhero Relocation Program.  After Mr. Incredible is seduced back into action by a superhero, his family is forced to rescue him and become the superhero team The Incredibles.


Mr. Incredible, a powerful superhero, met and fell in love with another superhero Elasti-Girl.  Eventually, the two married, but on their wedding day, two major events happened that would alter their lives forever.  First, Mr. Incredible angrily turned down an enthusiastic young fan who wanted to be his sidekick "Incrediboy" after he got in his way.  Second, shortly after the wedding, Mr. Incredible was confronted with the fact that public opinion was turning against superheroes due to the damage that they caused in their attempts to fight crime.

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