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The Indigo Tribe

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First Appearance
Green Lantern (vol. 4) #25 (December, 2007)
Geoff Johns, Ethan Van Sciver
Indigo-1, Munk, Natromo, Kreaven, Slog the Slayer, etc.
Rallying Cry
Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur,'Natromo faan tornek wot ur.'er Lantern ker lo abin sur,'Taan lek lek nok--Formorrow Sur!
Indigo Lanterns
Tools and Weapons
Indigo Rings and Lanterns

The Indigo Tribe is a group of lantern bearers in the DC Universe and a sometimes ally to the Green Lanterns.


When the alien Natromo discovered that the planet Nok contained the power known as the Indigo Light of compassion, capable of making even the most sinister villains remorseful, he decided to harness it to create a team with the purpose of rehabilitating the universes most fiendish villains.



Long ago, the Green Lantern Abin Sur arrived at the planet Nok, where he discovered aliens looking to exploit new civilization had captured and enslaved its indigeneous peoples. One such being, Natromo, discovered that within the planet was a wellspring to the indigo light, the power of compassion from the emotional spectrum that powers the various lanterns such as the Red, Yellow, and Green Lanterns. Natromo discovered, after seeing the native inhabitants apply the light to their weapons, that anyone who was touched by the light would feel remorse for any actions they believe to be wrong or hurtful to others. After their defeat, Abin Sur and Natromo decided to harness the Indigo Light of Compassion. To accomplish that, the two harnessed compassion to create the Indigo Lantern Ring. Once crafted, Abin Sur departed the world only to return with a criminal called Iroque who was forcibly given the ring. The former criminal suddenly felt remorse over her actions and became a completely changed individual. Seeing the result, Abin Sur began collecting other criminals from across space and fitted them with these Power Rings thus forming the Indigo Tribe in order to fight The Blackest Night as had been prophesied.

Afterwards, Abin Sur departed Nok and left Natromo, who was the only member of the tribe that was not a formerly psychotic evil being. He was left in charge in keeping the Green Lantern's vision to come to pass. This included watching over the Indigo Lantern Central Power Battery located within the Forbidden Jungles and creating new power rings. His intention was awaiting the return of Abin Sur as another prophecy spoke of a new evil following the Blackest Night with this madness emerging from the Guardians of the Universe. Their plan was to infect the Guardians with the light of compassion to end their actions. Unknown to Natromo, Abin Sur died during his service as a Green Lantern though the Indigo Tribe continued their operations under the direction of Iroque who became known as Indigo-1.

The War of Light[]

The group remained undiscovered until the War of the Light where their existence was known only to a select few that sought them. These included the corrupted Scar, who wanted to destroy them, and the Blue Lantern Corps that wanted them as allies. The members of this corps came across a battle between a Green lantern and a Sinestro corpsmen in space sector 3544. The Green Lantern had been gravely injured and the leader of the Indigo Tribe used her light of compassion to put him out of his misery by killing him due to the extent of his injuries. When the Sinestro corpsmen attacked, Indigo used her light to absorb the yellow energy and fired it back by creating a monstrous construct that scared her opponent away.

The Secret of the Indigo Tribe[]

Following the War of Light, the Indigo Tribe returned to help the universe during the Blackest Night, an event when the death god Nekron attempted to destroy the universe. Afterward, one of Nekron's followers, the former villain The Black Hand, was taken in by the Indigo Tribe for their own purposes.

Some time after, the Indigo Tribe also captured Hal Jordan and Sinestro (a former villain who Jordan was allying himself with), with the intent of recruiting Sinestro to the Tribe, at the cost of his willpower. While trying to free Sinestro, Jordan learned of the secret history of the Indigo Tribe. When Natromo learns from Hal that Abin Sur has been dead for many years, he turned off the Indigo Tribe's Central Power Battery, the source of the Indigo Tribe's compassion and power, in a fit of madness. Without it, the Tribe reverted to their original personalities. Jordan convinced Natromo to restore the Power Battery, but without enough light of compassion, it would take a long time to repair.  It was at this time that Iroque, despite having returned to her original personality, wished to re-ignite the power of the battery and complete her redemption.  Her desire, motivated by pure compassion, re-ignited the power battery, restoring the Indigo Tribe once more.  Jordan then convinced the Tribe to allow Sinestro to redeem himself in his own merits, rather than through the ring.

When the Guardians of the Universe, creators of the Green Lantern Corps, went mad and unleashed a new army designed to replace the Green Lanterns, the Indigo Tribe allied themselves with the Green Lantern Corps defeat them and their subsequent threat of the First Lantern.  Afterwards, the Indigo Tribe created special rings for the Guardians of the Universe, as they felt that their sins may also require them to become redeemed by inducting them into the Tribe. Later, the villain Black Hand was able to escape the Indigo Tribe.


Likely due to the size of the team, a complete list of the Tribe is impossible. This is some of the more notable members.

In other Media[]

Appears in Lego Batman 3

Oath, Powers, and Emotion[]

Oath: In their alien language, Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur,'Natromo faan tornek wot ur.'er Lantern ker lo abin sur,'Taan lek lek nok--Formorrow Sur!

Powers: They carry their battery as a staff, staff capable of using other lanterns's light, teleportation, turns wearer good, brainwashes the wearer if reluctant to join, flight.

Emotion: compassion

Notable Tribe Members[]