Insect Queen
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Insect Queen was a superhero identity used by Lana Lang in the DC Universe. And other characters used that name later.


Earth-One Edit

The first Insect Queen was Lana Lang, Superman's romantic interest from his youth in Smallville. In Superboy #124 (Oct. 1965), Lana rescues an insect-like alien trapped under a tree. In gratitude, he gives her a bio-genetic ring that allows her to gain the powers of insects or arachnids (by giving her lower body the form of a particular bug; each form could only be gained once per day, however). She decides to use it to develop the costumed identity of the superheroine Insect Queen. Lana does not pursue the career for long, though she did gain reserve status in the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Earth-Two Edit

The second Insect Queen was also Lana, but the one from the parallel universe of Earth-2. In The Superman Family #213 (1981), she as an adult receives a scarab found by her archeologist father in an Egyptian tomb, not realizing that it was magical. Possessed by it, Lana became a supervillainess called Insect Queen, with the ability to control and enlarge insects. She briefly worked with the Ultra-Humanite, while the latter's mind was housed within a gigantic ant, until she was saved by the Earth-2 Superman and his wife Lois Lane. Later, she became an occasional superhero, aiding Superman on at least one occasion. In the reality changed by the "Crisis on Infinite Earths," Lana never became either Insect Queen.

New Earth Edit

In the new continuity created by the events chronicled in Infinite Crisis, a new Insect Queen has been introduced. She is an insectoid alien who first appears in Superman #671-673 (2008). In a nod towards the Silver Age continuity this alien Insect Queen has remade herself in the image of Lana Lang. The Insect Queen comes from the All-Hive, a civilization of giant insects. Because only one Queen can rule the All-Hive, she and her followers were sent to colonize a new world, suspended in an amber-like substance. Upon contacting Earth, she made an arrangement with Lex Luthor for assistance in colonizing Earth, including acquiring a body suitable for the planet. In return for this, she sent some of her people, the Flea Circus, to assist him in collecting Kryptonite. She also began transforming workers on a LexCorp moonbase into worker insects. When Insect Queen returns for her part of the bargain, she found that Lana Lang was now CEO of LexCorp. She kidnaps Lang and takes her to the moonbase, where she metamorphoses into a form resembling Lana, but with insect-like features, including wings, four arms, antennae and chitinous plates.

The fourth Insect Queen is Lonna Leing of the planet Xanthu, in the 30th century. Lonna was a member of the Xanthuan hero team, the Uncanny Amazers. She first appeared in Legion of Super-Heroes (vol. 4) #82. Her costume is similar to the original Insect Queen, and she even has similar powers, as she is able transform her body from the waist down into an insect or arachnid's body (like an arthropodic centaur) and assume their abilities. Once she parodied Marvel Comics' Spider-Man, when she assumed the powers of a spider and fired webbing from her wrists (using his trademark hand gestures) to wrap an alien attacker. This version of the Legion was identified in the Infinite Crisis miniseries as originating on Earth-247.

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