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Iron Fist

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Real name
Daniel "Danny" Thomas Rand
First Appearance
Marvel Premiere #15 (May, 1974)
Roy Thomas, Gil Kane
Team Affliations
New Avengers, Heroes for Hire, Defenders, Immortal Weapons, Thunderbolts
Daredevil, The Living Weapon, Young Dragon, Daniel Rand-Kai
Base of Operations
New York City
The Iron Fist, a concentration of his chi in his fist, Greatly enhanced physical attributes, Healing powers, Telepathic mind fusion
Skills and Abilities
Master Martial Artist
Tools and Weapons

Iron Fist (Danny Rand) is a superhero in the Marvel Universe and is one the world's greatest martial artists.


When Daniel Rand lost his family in a plane crash in Asia, he was found by the people of the mystic city of K'un L'un, where he was trained to become a great martial artist, even learning to make his fist unto iron after punching through the heart of a dragon.


Wendell Rand[]

Before Danny Rand was born, Wendell Rand, once a citizen of the secret city of K'un L'un, sought a way to return to his home after he was exiled by his adoptive brother, who took on the guise the city's leader Yu-Ti. Unfortunately, the city of K'un L'un is usually only accessible through a dimensional portal that opens once every ten years, so Wendell needed to wait, in the meantime becoming a successful businesman and married a woman named Heather. Eventually, Heather and Wendell gave birth to a son, Daniel.

Daniel Rand's Early Life[]

Daniel was born in New York City and lead a relatively normal life (for a wealthy child) up until age 9. Wendell, still searching for a way to K'un L'un traveled to Tibet him hoping to find a way back, travelling with Danny, Heather, and his business partner Harold Meachum. While mountaineering to find K'un L'un, Danny fell and pulled his parents and himself to the edge of an ice shelf, resulting in his father dangling from the edge. Meachum used this opportunity to let Wendell die in the hopes of taking over his company and Danny and Heather spurned his attempts to rescue them.

Left on their own to survive, Danny and Heather tried to make it to shelter themselves and came across a rope bridge. The two were soon beset upon by wolves and Heather sacrificed herself so Danny could make it across the bridge alive. Danny was soon after found and saved by the citizens of K'un-Lun who brought him before Yu-Ti.  Yu-Ti, decided to send Danny to be trained by Lei Kung, a warrior also known as the Thunderer.

Danny spent years of his life training his body to its limits and becoming an incredible martial artist.  The training paid off and by age 16 Rand completed many challenges, including earning an object called the Crown of Fu-Hsi, defeating four opponents at once during an event called the Challenge of Many and defeating an automaton named Shu-Hu.  Rand also conditioned his hands for hard, unyeilding strikes by thrusting his hands into hot graveled, then later gravel, until finally he could thrust them into rock.