Iron Heights

Iron Heights comic book version

Notable Residents
Gorilla Grodd, Weather Wizard, The Top, Cicada
First Appearance
The Flash: Iron Heights (August, 2001)
Three miles North of Keystone City
Points of Interest
The Pipeline

Iron Heights is a prison in the DC Universe which houses the super criminals of Central City, Keystone City and Star City


The foundaton and building of Iron Heights (and when they began to house superhumans) is unknown.  The prison became infamous for its brutal and cruel treatment of its prisoners, largely because of the warden, Gregory Wolfe.  Many of the villains locked in the jail include enemies of the Flash.  Warden Gregory Wolfe, (who has the ability to tense the muscles in others to the point of pain and cramping) has had prisoners beaten every day and has ordered guards to shoot to kill any escaping prisoners.  In addition, he used the supervillain Fallout, a radioactivity projecting human, to power the entirety of the prison.

Though Iron Heights and its special section for holding superhumans, the Pipeline, is notoriously hard to break out of, it has been several times.  Most notable was when the villain Murmur spread a virus through the prison, which caused chaos that allowed a number of inmates to escape.

Some time later, a similarly catastrophic breakout occurred when Gorilla Grodd used other gorillas to stage a prison break, wherein all of the Pipeline prisoners escaped.


It is mentioned in the show The Flash and us showned in Arrow. These shows are based on Flash (Barry Allen) and Green Arrow. Both shows are in the same television universe

Iron Heights tv version
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