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Jack Frost

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Real Name
First Appearance
U.S.A. Comics #1 (August, 1941)
Stan Lee, Frank Giacoia
Team Affliations
The Liberty Legion
The God in the Ice
Base of Operations
New York City
Cold and ice manipulation, Superhuman stamina and durability
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons

Jack Frost is a Golden Age superhero of the Marvel Universe and a former member of the Invaders.


No one knows Jack's origin, even Jack himself, with his first memory being waking up in the arctic.  



Where exactly the man who would be known as Jack Frost came from is still unknown.  At one point, Thor theorized that he might be a frost giant of small stature who fled to Earth.  In the August of 1941, a man named Dr. Forbes had discovered Gold in Alaska, but was soon shot by the criminal Mike Zelby who was interested in taking Forbes' claim for himself.  Jack was freed from his icy rest around this time in time to see Forbes die and ask Jack's help in protecting his daughter from Mike, whom he was targeting to get Dr. Forbes' claim.  Jack Frost chose to honor Forbes' desire and after burying him in an icy tomb, left for New York City, where Forbes' daughter Alice lived.

New York City[]

Frost initially approached the police, who didn't believe his story and turned him away.  In retaliation, Frost attacked the police with his ice powers before deciding to hunt down Zelby himself.  Frost tracked Zelby to the apartment of Alice Forbes and the two fought, during which, Alice's apartment was caught fire. Zelby died in the blaze and Frost was blamed, making him a fugitive and giving him a grudge against humanity.