James Gordon


Real Name
Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon, Sr.
First Appearance
Detective Comics (Vol. 1) #27 (May, 1939)
Bill Finger, Bob Kane
Team Affliations
Gotham City Police Department
Base of Operations
Gotham City
Skills and Abilities
Experienced Policeman, Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons
Standard Police Issue Tools and Weapons

Jim Gordon is the long-time commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department in the DC Universe and one of Batman's closest friends.


A clean cop in a corrupt city, Jim Gordan rose through the ranks and battled opposition to become Gotham City's police commissioner.


Golden Age (Earth-Two)Edit

Not much is known of James Gordon's past, save that he was born on Jauary 5th, 1900.  He rose to the rank of commisioner of the Gotham City Police Department and had a wife, Barbara and a son Tony. When a mysterious vigilante known as Batman began operating in Gotham City, Gordan decided to investigate and attempt to stop him from taking the law into his own hands.

Silver AgeEdit

Not much has been revealed regarding James Gordon prior becoming police commissioner of Gotham City.

TV ShowsEdit

Batman photos oldman

He comes out in the Batman movies.


Detective skills, good marksman, and has cop training.

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