Jaxon Xavier
"You know I've wondered ever since fourth grade what it would feel like just to pound guys like you and I gotta say it's weird cos it feels... great!" (laughs) "I love it!" (laughs again)

—Jaxon Xavier

Jaxon Xavier is a villain in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

He was the illegitimate son of Lex Luthor who decided to use his father's technology for his own fiendish goals.

He was portrayed by Andy Berman as Jaxon and Andrew Bryniarski as X.


Jaxon liked to think of himself as tough, he was presumably bullied at school by tougher handsome blokes and had low self-esteem due to his father's mistreatment which explains his muscular VR simulation X and why he seemed to dislike and enjoy "pounding" people like Clark Kent. He also acts like a spoiled child when things didn't go his way, especially after his wrist watch escape window was stolen leaving him stranded in his VR world.



Jaxon's VR Simulation: X

Jaxon was the son of Lex Luthor and an un-named mother. Little is known about his childhood except that he wasn't well treated by his father and his mother died in a car accident, but Jaxon survived. Many years later he became a scientist at one of his father's companies Lex Labs, but his father still showed him no love and never gave him appreciation for his work.

Soon he managed to own a Virtual Reality center, presumably owned by his father and after finding out about a mind control system that his father had worked on long ago. He decided to use it to link with his VR world so if anyone came in, they would be brainwashed and used for his own purposes. But he needed access codes and Lois was the only one who could reveal them to him, so he arranged an invitation for her to come and see him.

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