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Jean Grey

Jean Grey New Costume.png

Real Name
Jean Grey (previously Jean Grey-Summers)
First Appearance
X-Men (Vol. 1) #1 (September, 1963)
Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Team Affliations
X-Men, X-Factor, X-Terminators, X-Force, A-Force
Marvel Girl, Red, Phoenix, Black Queen, Dark Phoenix, White Phoenix of the Crown, Redd Dayspring
Base of Operations
Westchester, New York
Telekinesis, Telepathy
Skills and Abilities
Experienced and respected teacher, Fighting experience
Tools and Weapons

Jean Grey is a mutant superhero in the Marvel Universe and a founding member of the X-Men. She has the power of telekinesis, as well as telepathy.


Born a mutant, Jean Grey was recruited by Professor Charles Xavier to become his student and help fight for peace and equality between humans and mutants.



Jean Elaine Grey was born in Annadelle-on-Hudson, New York to John and Elaine Grey.  When Jean was ten years old, she witnessed a friend die in a traffic accident and her trauma awakened a latent telepathic power, caused by a mutation in her genes.  In that moment, she was able to feel what her friend felt as she died, which had a profound effect on Jean, causing her to become withdrawn and depressed.  For her own sake, she tried to hold back her telepathic abilities, for fear of similar experiences driving her mad.

At age eleven, a psychiatrist recommended that Jean visit with Professor Charles Xavier, a former colleague of his. Upon meeting Xavier, he revealed to Jean that they were both mutants, beings born with genetically enhanced superpowers.  The two agreed to keep their powers secret from others as Charles locked away Jean's telepathic abilities, as well as helping her control her developing telekinetic abilities and overcoming the trauma of experiencing her friend's death telepathically.

Learning control[]

Around the same time, Charles began working on the creation of a special school or mutants that he intended Jean would join.  Charles, assisted by scientist Moira MacTaggart, worked with her until she was well enough to return home and though she had some drawbacks, she improved immensely.

Marvel Girl[]

Jean joined Charles's original X-Men team as their newest member, Marvel Girl. At first, Marvel Girl could only use her telekinesis to move objects that she could lift physically, but as she used her powers more and more her telekinetic powers became incredibly powerful. Charles eventually removed the blocks on Marvel Girl's telepathy and she began to master having dual abilities.

It was during this time that she fell in love with her teammate Cyclops.


On a mission in outer space, the X-Men and a human pilot were trapped on a space shuttle heading towards a radioactive solar flare. While there was a radiation-proof pod inside the shuttle, the shuttle's cockpit was not shielded from radiation, so whoever piloted the shuttle would die of radiation poisoning. Marvel Girl used her telepathy to absorb the pilot's shuttle piloting skills and then told the X-Men that she would use her telekinesis to surround herself in a force-field to protect herself from the radiation. With no other choice, the X-Men went into the pod while Marvel Girl piloted the shuttle through the flare. Her psychic shield failed as the radiation became too intense and Marvel Girl died. However, the Phoenix Force appeared in the shuttle and took Marvel Girl's soul and placed in a new body created from cosmic energy and Marvel Girl's own DNA, becoming the Phoenix. A small piece of Marvel Girl's soul refused to leave her dead body, so Phoenix placed Marvel Girl's body in a healing psychic cocoon and sent the cocoon to the body of the ocean.

Phoenix initially believe she was the real Jean Grey, as she had Jean's soul and memories. However, a group of villians known as the Hellfire Club had plans to make the Phoenix a villain.

Dark Phoenix[]

The Hellfire Club's telepath, the White Queen, teamed up with the mutant illusionist Mastermind to project false memories into the Phoenix's mind, making her believe she was the evil Black Queen. The Phoenix had never experienced dark human emotions before and became the Dark Phoenix. Dark Phoenix was evil and power incarnate, and even destroyed an alien world when she consumed the planet's sun. An alien civilization, the Shi'ar empire, put Dark Phoenix on trial for her crimes. Jean's soul managed to reassert control and overwhelm the Dark Phoenix long enough for an alien energy weapon to destroy her body, releasing the Phoenix Force back into the universe.


The Phoenix Force put Jean's soul back in her body, which had completely healed while in the cocoon at the bottom of the sea. Jean returned to life, although she found she no longer had telepathy, only her telekinesis remained. Jean then learned that the X-Men believed she had died, and shocked them by returning. Jean joined the X-Men's new government team X-Factor as Marvel Girl once more. Marvel Girl learned that during the time when Cyclops thought she had died, that the man she loved had married a woman that looked exactly like her, Madelyne Pryor, and had had a son with her. However, Madelyne was actually a clone of Jean and became the Goblin Queen when she learned the truth of her existence. Marvel Girl had to stop Madelyne and used her connection to the Phoenix Force to destroy Madelyne.

Marvel Girl regained her telepathy, and eventually reconciled with Cyclops. She helped Cyclops raise his son, as his mother was made from Jean's own DNA. But the baby was infected with a techno-organic virus by Apocalypse and he had to be sent to future to be raised be a group of mutants that had been founded by his own half-sister.

Phoenix again[]

Jean rejoined the X-Men and decided to call herself Phoenix again, despite no longer having a connection to the Phoenix Force. Phoenix attempted to help her teammate, Psylocke deal with the loss of her own telepathy. However the two mutant psychics actually switched powers, with Psylocke gaining Phoenix's telekinesis, and Phoenix adding Psylocke's telepathic potential and to her own telepathy.

While on a cosmic mission across time, Jean united with the Phoenix Force, and the Phoenix Force gave Jean a recreated version of her lost telekinesis. When a evil copy of Magneto overloaded Jean's mind with a planetary scale electromagnetic pulse, Jean appeared to have died. In truth the Phoenix Force placed Jean in another realm known as the White Hot Room.

Jean Grey on her own[]

The Phoenix Force tried to convince Jean that they should completely and permanenlyt become the Phoenix, but Jean refused, choosing to be separate from the cosmic entity. The Phoenix Force released Jean from the White Hot Room and Jean decided to no longer be called Marvel Girl or Phoenix, but to instead simply be Jean Grey and explore the limits of her powers.


Jean Grey is an omega-level telepath, capable of reading minds, broadcasting her thoughts, controlling the minds off others, manipulating perceptions to make people see what she wants them too, and fire psionic blasts that can overload the brains of humans and sentient creatures. After gaining Psylocke's telepathy, Jean's telepathic power level doubled and she gained the power to physically manifest her telepathy as a Phoenix Force-like psionic firebird that could inflict physical and mental damage with its talons.

Jean Grey is also an omega-level telekinetic, capable of manipulating matter at the molecular level using only her thoughts, firing psychokinetic force bolts that can shatter steel, create virtually impenetrable psychic shields, and fly.


Appears in X-Men Animated Series, X-Men Evolution, Wolverine and the X-Men, Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Super Hero Squad Show and X-Men movies.