Jimmy the Robot

Jimmy the Robot.jpg

Real Name
Jimmy, James Briggs [performer]
First Appearance
James Briggs, Christian Jacobs
Team Affliations
The Aquabats
Base of Operations
Robot Brain, Laser Fingers
Skills and Abilities
Super-Intelligence, Keyboardist, Saxophonist
Tools and Weapons
Various Robot Accessories

Jimmy the Robot is a robot superhero keyboardist and a member of the Aquabats.

Jimmy is played by James Briggs.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Mutliple pasts and origins have been given for all the Aquabats.  One of the most notable for Jimmy was the reveal that he was built for cleaning and apple picking/coring.  Jimmy decided he wanted more and eventually left his home to become a crime fighter/musician.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The history of the Aquabats is intentionally inconsistent from episode to episode. According to Jimmy, he was created by scientific genius Professor Ralph Goodman in Louisiana so that Jimmy might help on his family's apple farm.  However, over time became dissatisfied and told his mother that he intended to leave to pursue his true passion: fighting crime (specifically, in the park while playing saxophone on horseback).  When Jimmy first came to the city, he struggled to achieve his dream, having to take up work as a dishwasher.  When he saw an ad looking for a robotic saxophone player, he responded, which lead to him joining the superhero rock band The Aquabats.

As a member of the Aquabats, he is both the team's keyboardist and science officer.  Like the rest of the Aquabats, he spends a lot of time creating and performing music and fighting evil wherever he and the Aquabats tour.  When not playing in the band or fighting crime, he is usually inventing and experimenting with various crime-fighting devices.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Given his robotic nature, Jimmy is the most logical and composed member of the Aquabats.

Powers[edit | edit source]

Robot Physiology - Being a humanoid robot, Jimmy naturally has certain innate qualities that work as super-powers.

Laser Fingers - Jimmy's design allows him to shoot laser beams from his fingers.

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