John Constantine

John Constantine.jpg

Real Name
John Constantine
First Appearance
Swamp Thing (vol 2) #25 (June, 1984)
Alan Moore, Steve Bissette, Rick Veitch, John Totleben
Team Affiliations
Justice League Dark, The Trenchcoat Brigade, Mucus Membrane, Legends [in television series "Legends of Tomorrow"]
Base of Operations
Paddington, London, England (often mobile)
Demon-tainted blood, various magical abilities
Skills and Abilities
Master of Occult and Arcane Knowledge, Skilled Magician, Expert Tactician and Trickster
Silk Cut Cigerettes

John Constantine is a fictional superhero/antihero in the DC Universe.  In his original stories, though connected to the DC Universe, had him working with heroes but over time his comic moved away from superhero fiction, making him more of a horror and dark crime-focused character with mostly passing references to other superhero related characters.  Many of his stories following Hellblazer #66 are considered to be in a continuity seperate from the mainstream DC Universe.  He would re-enter the DC Universe following the establishment of the New 52.

Origin[edit | edit source]

John Constantine came from a long line of magicians and eventually followed his family business, albeit in his own cynical fashion.

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