Johnny Thunder

Johnny Thunder.jpg

Real Name
John "Johnny" L. Thunder
First Appearance
Flash Comics #1 (January 1940)
John Wentworth, Stan Aschmeier
Team Affliations
The Justice Society of America, The All-Star Squadron, The United States Navy
Johnny Thunderbolt
Base of Operations
Unknown (in an unnamed metropolis)
Control of Thunderbolt
Skills and Abilities
Incredibly lucky
Magic Pen

Johnny Thunder is a superhero in a the DC Universe and a member of the Justice Society of America.


Given control of a genie as a child without his knowledge, Johnny often stumbled into adventures by accidentally wishing for things until he learned of his secret friend and the two teamed up to fight evil.



Johnny Thunder was born on born on Saturday (the 7th day of the week), July 7th (the 7th day of the 7th month) 1917, at exactly 7 AM and was the seventh son of a seventh son. When Johnny Thunder was a child, he was kidnapped by revolutionaries from the small Asian nation of Badhnesia. They chose Johnny as the specific nature of his birth coincided with the 7th Circle of the Moon Lahseen, which made him the only one able to be able to take control of a powerful genie known as Thunderbolt. The high priest of the revolutionaries believed that he could use this child to take control of the nation and had him found and taken from his parents to him. The revolutionaries then held a ceremony in which a belt carrying the insignia of the Eternal Zone of the Zodiac was placed on the infant while the incantation "Cei U" was repeated 7 times. Johnny, however, escaped (through an unlikely series of accidents) and was eventually returned to his parents, with them unaware of the magical enchantment placed upon his son, and returned to the USA. On his seventh birthday, a bizarre miracle occurs: on this day and for 6 more days it rains seemingly all over the world, except on the home of Johnny Thunder.

"Say You"

Johnny Thunder went on to lead a rather normal existance with Johnny being known for a sweet, somewhat foolish but kind-heart young man of 23. During this time, the cultists who kidnapped him as a child had been looking for him for years but with no luck. When Johnny got a job as a window washer, he had inadvertantly summoned the genie by saying "say you", which is identical to the incantation of "Cei U". Based on an off-handed comment about boxing, the genie ended up turning the unprepared young man into a boxer, much to his shock.  The genie, Thunderbolt, ended up saving Johnny from being kidnapped again by the Badhnesian cult but Johnny was unaware and was more concerned with the fact that he lost his window washing job.  Johnny would go onto having more misadventures, oblivious to the fact that he was being helped and hindered by a genie.

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