Johnny X

Johnny X.jpg

Real Name
Johnny Test
First Appearance
Johnny Test, "Johnny X (JX1)"
Scott Fellows
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
No information
Super Strength, Lava Mucus, Hurricane Hands, Fire Farts
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience

Johnny X is the superhero identity of Johnny Test in the animated TV series Johnny Test.

Johnny X is voiced by James Arnold Taylor.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Johnny Test, a young boy who often acted as a guinea pig for his sisters' scientific experiments.  One such experiment gave him super powers and he decided to become a superhero under the name Johnny Test.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Johnny Test was born to his parents Hugh and Lila Test and was raised with his sisters Susan and Mary. His sisters were scientists, and they used him as a lab rat, which he sometimes liked. He always cleaned up the mess his sisters made (especially the monster experiments), and rescued one of his sisters from Eugene, a millionaire rich fat boy who kidnaps his sister so she would go out with him. Then, tired of other countless villains without powers, he ask his sister to give him and his talking dog, Duke, superpowers, and they became Johnny X and Superpooch.

Powers[edit | edit source]

Hurricane hands, lava mucus, shapeshift into animals, super strength, fire farts.

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