The Judgment League Avengers

Judgment League Avengers.jpg

First Appearance
JLX #1 (April, 1996)
Mark Waid, Gerard Jones, Howard Porter, John Dell, Stan Lee [original Avengers creator], Jack Kirby [original Avengers creator], Gardner Fox [original Justice League of America creator]
Dark Claw, Captain Marvel, Goliath, Canary, Hawkeye, Blue Jacket, Wonder-Gold, Red Vision, Speed Demon
Avengers Watchtower
Rallying Cry
JLA, Avengers, Earth's Mightiest Heroes

The Judgment League Avengers are a team in the Amalgam Universe, a continuity created by combining the Marvel and DC Universe.  They are a combination of theJustice League of America and the Avengers.

Origin[edit | edit source]

The Judgment League Avengers was formed when sorcerer Dr. Strangefate brought the team together to tackle an unnamed threat.

History[edit | edit source]

When a dangerous threat appeared, the sorcerer Doctor Strangefate brought together a group of heroes to help battle it.  The team was made up of Angelhawk, Canary, the Mariner and the Iron Lantern.  Since then, the Judgment League Avengers became a longstanding team of superheroes made up of some Earth's greatest heroes.

Eventually the team was joined by Goliath, Myx, Captain Marvel and the Super-Soldier (the Iron Lantern also returned to the team after briefly leaving).  The team later recruited various metamutants, humans born with strange new powers, including Runaway, Apollo, Firebird, Nightcreeper, Mercury and Wraith.

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