Junius B. Jethro M.D.


Real Name
Junius B. Jethro
First Appearance
Adventures into the Unknown #3 (Feb. 1949)
Frank Belknap Long, Leonard Starr
Team Affiliations
Base of Operations
Skills and Abilities
medical knowledge
juniper sprig

Origin Edit

Dr. Junius B. Jethro treats a musical comedy star named Ruth Morton after she is attacked in her dressing room by what she thinks is just a strange man. The attacker is actually a vampire named Marvin Sanders. Ruth's husband Bill contacts Dr. Jethro after the man attempts to attack her at home. Junius tells Bill he suspects a vampire from Ruth's description.

Marvin attempts to attack Ruth again. He flees after being shot by Bill while the vampire is in the form of a bat. The vampire falls from the second story window in human form and is taken to the hospital morgue.

Marvin senses Ruth is in the same hospital, and is compelled to seek her out. Dr. Jethro responds to Ruth's call for help and sees the vampire. With two police officers, he follows the vampire to an unused storage room. The officers shoot at the vampire to no avail, as Dr. Jethro informs them that bullets are ineffective if a vampire has their guard up. Dr. Jethro retrieves a juniper sprig from his pocket to use against the vampire. This causes Marvin to flee.

Marvin steals a sleek car and drives to a cemetery. Dr. Jethro and two police officers follow Marvin to a cemetery.They see Marvin, in the form of a bat, fly into a tomb. They find a stone sarcophagus inside the tomb. The inscription on the stone coffin reveals the vampire's name as Marvin Sanders. Marvin's death is dated at 1854. Dr. Junius B. Jethro stakes Marvin through the heart. The flesh dissolves, leaving only bones.

Abilities Edit

Junius B. Jethro M.D. is adept in the field of medical treatment.

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