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Real Name
Vance Astrovik
First Appearance
Giant-Size Defenders #5 (July, 1975)
Don Heck, Gerry Conway
Team Affiliations
Counter Force, The Initiative, Avengers, New Warriors, Triune Understanding, UCWF, Avengers Academy
Marvel Boy, Manglin' John Mahoney, Marvel Man, The Astounding Astrovik, Squire Justice, Super Tights
Base of Operations
New York City
Telekinesis, High-speed flight
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience

Justice is a superhero in the Marvel Universe and is a member of the New Warriors.


When Vance Astro, a time traveller, attempted himself from being trapped a thousand years in the future, he accidentally activated his past self's psychic powers, creating an alternate timeline.


Vance Astrovik was born in Saugerties, New York to Arnold and Norma Astrovik.  Arnold was an abusive father, which was very difficult for Norma and Vance, a problem worsened when Arnold suspected his son was gay.  Vance otherwise had a normal life until the day he met a version of himself from the future.  The future version of himself was a mutant who was stranded in the far distant future due to an accident and looked to prevent it for his younger self.  However, in encountering himself, he inadvertantly triggered Vance's latent psychic abilities earlier than he otherwise would have and resulted in the creation of an alternate timeline.


  • On the Fantastic Four animated series, Justice makes a brief cameo at the beginning of the episode "Doomsday" flying alongside Darkhawk as the Silver Surfer passes by both of them.
  • Justice appears as a non-playable character in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, voiced by Sean Donnellan. He ends up under the control of the nanites and assists A-Bomb in fighting the heroes in Wakanda on the path to the Black Panther's palace. He mentions his past and his relationship with Firestar.