Justice Brood

Justice Brood

First Appearance
Back to the Barnyard, "Cowman: The Uddered Avenger"
Steve Oedenkerk
Cow Man, Cow Girl, Paranoid Man, Mr. Ham-Tastic, Rat Boy
Rallying Cry

The Justice Brood is a superhero team consisting of members of the cast of the animated TV series Back to the Barnyard.


When Otis, a cow, took on the secret identity of Cowman to protect a Jurassic corn kernal, his friends adopted their own superhero identities to help him.


The Justice Brood first appear on the Back to the Barnyard episode "Cowman: The Uddered Avenger".  The team's origin began when Cowman was assigned to look over a jurassic corn kernal, only to have it disappear under his nose.  Cowman was then accused of being the thief but his friends took up superhero identities to help prove his innocence.  Taking the name the Justice Brood, they ended up saving the day and becoming a team.


Cowman - Otis' superhero identity, which he took on before the formation of the team.

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