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The Justice Ducks

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First Appearance
Darkwing Duck, "Just Us Justice Ducks"
Tad Stones
None (Base of Operations is St. Canard)
Rallying Cry
"Justice Ducks Assemble"

The Justice Ducks are a team of superheroes who appear in the animated TV series Darkwing Duck in the two-part episode "Just Us Justice Ducks".


When the Fearsome Five took over St. Canard, the most heroic ducks in the city joined forced to fight them as the Justice Ducks.


The team first formed during a crimewave perpetrated by the Fearsome Five. While Darkwing Duck was entertaining his girlfriend Morgana MacCawber, Darkwing was alerted to the crime and took Morgana with him, only to find himself confronted with Megavolt and Quackerjack. When Morgana tries to help an overwhelmed Darkwing, she accidentally worsens an already bad situation, allowing both villains to complete their plan. Then, when Darkwing tries to stop Bushroot and Liquidator from destroying a police station, he runs afowl Stegmutt, who tries to help but yet again makes things worse. Soon Neptunia and Gizmoduck also arrive to lend a hand, but Darkwing, feeling he can do it all himself tries to shoe them away and take care of the villains himself, who have just revealed their team of villains have used a barrier to seperated St. Canard from the outside world.

The other superheroes feel that they can fix the crisis by forming a superhero team, called the Justice Ducks (despite the fact that two members aren't ducks), but again Darkwing insists on going it alone. He confronts the Fearsome Five, only to be quickly defeated and finds the city in their wicked hands. After Darkwing wanders the city defeated, the other members of the Justice Ducks decides to split up to take on the Five's individual members, only to be defeated and captured. Luckily, after realizing the trouble they were in, the other Justice Ducks were rescued by Darkwing before Negaduck could finish them off, and the two evil teams battled. The team won through teamwork and defeated the villains, declaring themselves a true team, though they never banded together in the show's continuity.


  • Darkwing Duck - The team's unofficial leader (as well as the only person to have known each member before hand).
  • Gizmoduck - A superhero in an armored supersuit from the city of Duckburg.
  • Morgana MacCawber - A former supervillainess and master of magic, Morgana provides magical solutions to problems, though her spells can be flawed.
  • Stegmutt - A janitor mutated into a dinosaur, Stegmutt is incredibly strong, yet dimwitted.
  • Neptunia


The Justice Ducks first made a comic appearance in the comic book adaption of "Just Us Justice Ducks" in the magazine Disney Adventures.

Though the Justice Ducks never had an extended appearance in the Kaboom Darkwing Duck comic book series, they did make a cameo in Darkwing Duck #5.