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Justice Forever

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First Appearance
Kick-Ass 2 #1 (December, 2010)
Mark Millar, John Romita Jr.
Colonel Stars, Sophia, Lieutenant Stripes, The Juicer, Kick-Ass, Doctor Gravity, Night Bitch, Insect-Man, Battle Guy, Remembering Tommy, Ass-Kicker, Rocket-Man, Moon Bird, The Enforcer, All Seeing Eye
Unnamed Secret Base
Rallying Cry

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Justice Forever is a superhero team that appears in the comic book series Kick-Ass.


Following the success the superhero Kick-Ass had fighting crime, many more people decided to become superheroes.  Some of them formed a team, Justice Forever, who eventually recruited Kick-Ass himself.


With the popularity of superheroes rising, Justice Forever was one of several superhero teams started in the New York area.  One such crew that came together became known as Justice Forever, founded by the skilled by dangerous Colonel Stars and Lieutenant Stripes.  Over time, they gathered a large number of superheroes to their ranks including Kick-Ass, the young superhero who inspired the vigilante craze.

However, after a few successful missions, the two leaders were tortured and killed by the Motherfucker, a villain who fought Kick-Ass previously.  The Motherfucker and his team of villains, the Toxic Mega-Cunts, later went onto kill an entire block of people, and then used his connections to have the superhero community to be scapegoated for their actions.