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The Justice Friends

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First Appearance
Dexter's Laboratory, "TV Super Pals"
Genndy Tartakovsky
Base of Operations
An Unnamed City
Capital G, The Infraggable Krunk, Major Glory, Monkey, Mrs. Spell, Phan Tone, Rat Man, Sam-R-I, Snowman, Tiki Torch, Val Hallen, White Tiger, Living Bullet
Rallying Cry

The Justice Friends are a superhero team that appear in the animated TV series Dexter's Laboratory within the self-titled Justice Friends short cartoons.

The characters began as background and supporting characters in the Dial M for Monkey shorts as representatives in the superhero community (often being defeated despite their great powers before Monkey can save the day). They are also considered a spoof or a parody of DC Comics' Justice League / Justice League of America and Marvel Comics' Avengers during their respective primes.


No origin is given for the team's formation.


The Justice Friend members first appeared in an episode of Dial M for Monkey (A recurring cartoon in the Dexter's Laboratory series), called "Rasslor" in which an intergalactic wrestler named Rasslor challenges all of the Earth's superheroes to a fight for the fate of the Earth. The heroes are all soundly defeated, except for Monkey, who refuses to quit and wins Rasslor's respect (thus saving the Earth). At this point, it is unclear if the heroes are part of a team yet.

The next time we see them Major Glory, the Infraggable Krunk, and Valhallen are sharing an apartment together in The Justice Friends shorts. There are other Justice Friends, but these three are considered to be the main group. The shorts are styled like a sit-com, with a laugh-track and usually with farcical elements. In the Dexter's Laboratory half hour-long episode Last But Not Beast, both the Justice Friends and Monkey battle a giant monster, but find themselves defeated, leaving Dexter and his family to defeat the monster. This is the last appearance of the Justice Friends as a whole, though many members appear in the Powerpuff Girls episode "Members Only" as members of the AWSM (Association of World Super Men).


Though it is acknowledged the team has some form of headquarters, it isn't seen or addressed very often.


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