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The Justice Society of America


First Appearance
All Star Comics #3 (Winter, 1940)
Sheldon Mayer, Gardner Fox
Morningside Heights, Manhattan (earlier headquarters included brownstone buildings in Civic City and Gotham City as well as a satellite for a brief period. The initial base was an unnamed brownstone somewhere in New York City)
Green Lantern, the Flash, Doctor Fate, Wildcat, Mister Terrific, Wonder Woman, countless others (see Members list below)
Rallying Cry
JSA, The Justice Battalion

The Justice Society of America is arguably the first superhero team (certainly the first in the DC Universe) and the first case of a collection of different characters banding together from the same company. In addition, their banding together created the what would later be known as the DC Universe, which Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman (DC's three biggest superheroes) joining shortly thereafter.


When Doctor Fate foresaw a great danger he could not face alone, he banded together a group made up of some of the world's greatest champions.


Golden Age (Earth-Two)[]

The origins of the team coming together began with a more makeshift version of what would later become the Justice Society of America. The first meeting has them acting less as a team and more as a club who come together to socialize and share stories. Present for the first meeting was the Flash, Hawkman, the Spectre, Hourman, Sandman, Dr. Fate, Atom, Green Lantern, the Red Tornado, and Johnny Thunder and all but the last two shared stories of their greatest adventures.

In their first adventure together, they were asked to battle a group of fifth columnists for the Axis called the Grey Shirts, with members traveling to various locations by themselves, before teaming up to defeat the Grey Shirt leader and take him and his men to the FBI.  Soon after battling the villain Mister X, the team would officially induct Johnny Thunder into their team's ranks to replace the Flash (who was leaving the team), though not before the Justice Society sent him on a practical joke mission.  Johnny would later go onto help enlist Superman and Batman during a fundraiser, though they were not regular members.

When the scientist Prof. Elba created an insanity virus, the Justice Society ended up getting assistance from Dr. Mid-Nite and Starman, who are soon inducted due to their good work for the team. Not long after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Justice Society focuses on battling the Nazis with missions including travelling to Mexico and South America to capture spies, traveling to the future to gain a new defense system and the team even temporarily disbands so the team members can enlist in the army to battle the Japanese army.


Before the crisis it was established by the writers that this is an alternative universe.


After the crisis, it was said that this is an old group of superheroes now retired. Doctor Mid-nite and Hourman won successors who replaced them, Wildcat won a successor, because he magically slowed aging, as did Alan Scott and Jay Garrick. It was established after Hypollita helped them on an occasion when he replaced his daughter as the wonder woman, and on a mission traveled through time.



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