The Karkus


Real Name
First Appearance
Doctor Who, "The Mind Robber, Part 4"
Peter Ling
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
The Land of Fiction
Superhuman Strength
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Skills
Anti-Molecular Ray Disintegrator

The Karkus is a fictional superhero who appears in the TV series Doctor Who in the serial "The Mind Robber".

The Karkus was played by Christopher Robbie in the TV series and Nicholas Briggs in audio dramas.


In the Land of Fiction, the Karkus is the personification of the fictional character of the same name, created by the Land of Fiction as a reflection of the fictional character created outside of it.


The origin of the Karkus and most of his backstory within the comic strip he exists in remains largely unknown.  What is known is that the Karkus is a superhero character who first appeared in newspaper comic strips.  He materialized in the Land of Fiction, a place outside of the known universe, and was sent to stop the Doctor, an alien wanderer, and his companions, as they explore the Land of Fiction. Though the Karkus was sent by an entity named The Master (unrelated to another opponent of the Doctor of the same name), he found himself defeated in combat by one of the Doctor's companions, Zoe Heriot.  The Karkus then followed Zoe around, feeling honor-bound to serve her and using his powers to help.

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