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Real Name
Dave Lizewski
First Appearance
Kick-Ass (Vol. 1) #1, (April 2008)
Mark Millar, John Romita Jr.
Team Affliation
Justice Forever
Base of Operations
New York City
None (though slightly immune to pain and metal bits in his skeleton)
Skills and Abilities
Some Martial Arts Training (by Hit-Girl)
Tools and Weapons
Eskrima Sticks

Kick-Ass (Dave Lizekski) is a self-made superhero and protagonist of the comic series and film Kick-Ass.


Deciding that he would love to be a superhero, Dave Lizewski trained his body and bought a costume to become the world's first "real life" superhero.


The First Adventure[]

Dave Lizewski was a lifelong comic book reader living with his father in New York. At school, Dave was fairly unpopular, though he did get to hang out with a girl he loved, though only because she thought he was gay and wanted a gay best friend. A life-long fan of superheroes, Dave wondered why no one decided to simply make themselves into a superhero in real life. Dave became obsessed with the idea and over time decided to make it into a reality.

After months of building his muscles through exercise and buying an old wetsuit for a costume, he headed out on his first mission, only to be stabbed and hit by a car. After his accident, Dave found that his sensitivity to pain has been dulled and that some metal instruments have been placed in his body that supported his bones, making what Dave considered his makeshift powers. Despite the injuries suffered before, Dave became Kick-Ass one more, patrolling the streets for crime. After a particularly successful and public victory over some criminals trying to beat up another man, Kick-Ass became an internet sensation, which inspired him to take his hobby further and even developed an internet presence, looking for requests for help.

Eventually, he gained the attention of both the lethal 'superheroes' known as Big Daddy and Hit-Girl and the D'Amico crime family, who suspected there may be a connection between Kick-Ass and the rash of slayings of members of his organization. Eventually, Kick-Ass ended up meeting Big Daddy and Hit-Girl, who wanted to join forces with him in the fight on crime. He also met another would-be superhero named the Red Mist, who expressed his interest in teaming up.

However, when Kick-Ass brought Red Mist to meet Big Daddy and Hit-Girl, he was shocked when Red Mist betrayed him and revealed himself to be the son of the head of the D'Amico family who had been looking to kill Kick-Ass for inspiring vigilantism and Big Daddy and Hit-Girl for killing so many of his men. The gang seemingly killed Hit-Girl and took Big Daddy and Kick-Ass to be tortured and murdered. Big Daddy died while being tortured, but Hit-Girl rescued Kick-Ass and the two decided to embark on a last ditch effort to wipe out the D'Amico family. The two eventually wiped out the D'Amico's together and Kick-Ass defeated the Red Mist, a victory which helped increase Kick-Ass' reputation and inspired more people to take up the cause of the superhero.

Unfortunately, in his personal life things weren't so fortunate: the girl he was infatuated with broke off their friendship after discovering he was only pretending to be gay.

The Second Adventure[]

Some time later, Kick-Ass become only one of many superheroes and became heavily involved in this new superhero community. He ended up joining a team called Justice Forever, which was lead by two former criminals looking to make a difference and included his friend from school who decided to follow the same path as Kick-Ass. Though the team had some initial success, they became targeted by Red Mist (now calling himself the Mother Fucker) who wanted to take out the new wave of superheroes and Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl in particular.

Justice Forever's leader, Colonel Stars is murdered by the Motherfucker's gang who then attacked Dave's love interest's neighborhood with many fatalities. Soon, the superheroes were blamed for what happened and soon they were arrested in large numbers. Soon David's father discovered Kick-Ass' true identity and to save his son from prison claimed he was Kick-Ass, getting arrested himself. David's father was killed in prison not long after and the funeral was attacked by the Mother Fucker's gang.

Desiring revenge, Kick-Ass reteams with Hit-Girl and attacks the Mother Fucker's lair, only to discover plans of a major full-scale attack on Times Square. With the cops distracted by comic book store bombings created by the Mother Fucker, Kick-Ass contacts every superhero he can through social media and gets them to meet in Time Square to fight against the Mother Fucker and his army. The heroes beat back the villains and defeated them, but Hit-Girl (as well as several other heroes and villains) ended up arrested.

The Final Adventure[]

Dave graduated from high school and continued his battle against crime, while also planning to free Hit-Girl from jail. During one of his nightly patrols, Dave met a girl named Valerie and the two began to date. Kick-Ass eventually succeeded in helping Hit-Girl escape from jail (with the help of the Mother Fucker, who sacrificed his life to save her in a moment of moral clarity), brutally killing a crooked cop in the process. Not long after, Kick-Ass found he needed to save his friend Todd from the criminals who were targeting Justice Forever. Though Kick-Ass is initially overpowered, Kick-Ass was able to defeat the criminals and rescue Todd.

After this, David gives up his Kick-Ass identity for good and joins the police force and lives with Valerie. It is implied that Hit-Girl, now travelling the world to kill criminals, has found a weak young man she wants to train to become the new Kick-Ass.


David was originally a fan of comics who felt the desire to emulate his heroes and become one for himself, admitting to himself that he was addicted to the idea.  He was initially more cavalier about his crime fighting, though as he experienced more deadly and costly adventures, he began to take his superheroing much more seriously.


Kick-Ass doesn't have superpowers in the traditional sense, though following an accident he gained unusual physical advantages.

  • 85% Insensitivity to Pain - Following a mugging during his first attempt at crime fighting, Dave was hit by a car and was subsequently hospitalized. Though he was healed, the accident, along with the addition of metal plating and braces put inside his body, cost him a lot of physical sensitivity. However, it also meant that his insensitivity to pain would allow him to overcome painful assaults that he otherwise might not be able to.

Skills and Abilities[]

  • Fighting Experience and Training - Initially, Kick-Ass only had very little training and practical fighting experience, leading him to be severely beaten. He had trained himself physically but gained very little formal training until teaming with Hit-Girl, who taught him how to fight.  After that, he became a much more talented fighter, skilled in basic hand-to-hand combat.


  • Eskrima Sticks - Kick-Ass uses a pair of Eskrima Sticks to fight against criminals.