King is the name of several supervillains in the DC Universe, all of whom are members of the Royal Flush Gang, a criminal group modelled after playing cards.

The King of ClubsEdit

The King of Clubs

King of Clubs

Real Name
Kerry (full name unknown)
First Appearance
Justice League of America (Vol. 1) #43 (March, 1966)
Gardner Fox, Mike Sekowsky
Team Affliations
The Royal Flush Gang
The King of Spades, Alexander the Great
Base of Operations
Skills and Abilities
Criminal Mastermind, Experienced Fighter
Tools and Weapons
Various high-tech playing-card themed tools and weapons

The King of Clubs (Kerry, last name unknown) was the original King in the first Royal Flush Gang.


A friend of the villain Amos Fortune, he was convinced to join his criminal group, the playing card themed Royal Flush Gang. 


The past of Kerry (full name unknown) is largely unknown.  However, it is known that he and the villain Amos Fortune were friends since childhood.  When Fortune created a new gang of criminals wearing playing card themed costumes, Kerry was chosen to play the role of King of Clubs, while Fortune took the role of Ace of Spades. Fortune gave them special weapons shaped like playing cards powered by a power source he discovered called Stelleration energy.

The King of SpadesEdit

King of Spades

Joseph Carney, the King of Spades, was the second leader of the Royal Flush Gang.

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