Kiss is an American rock band and in various fiction they have been presented as superheroes in media such as Marvel Comics and the TV Movie Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park.

Marvel ComicsEdit

Kiss is a superhero team in the Marvel Universe, based on the rock band on the same name.


When four teenagers are exposed to a strange, magical box, they were transformed into mystical superheroes.


When a Romani wizard named Dizzy the Hun learned the supervillain Doctor Doom was attempting to acquire the mystical Box of Khyscz, he did what he could to protect it.  He decided to seek out four teenagers he considered worthy to protect the box.  He granted them powers by sending them into the Box, then sent them on an interdimensional trip to test their strength.  The teens emerged as supernatural warriors and defeated Doom with their abilities.  They later started a popular rock band known as Kiss. Later, a woman named Winda Wester accidentally conjured Kiss with her mind (though this may have been a version from an alternate dimension).  With the help of Howard the Duck , a duck from another dimension, and Daimon Hellstrom (the Son of Satan and paranormal investigator), Winda was able to control her paranormal abilities and send Kiss from whence they came.


Demon - Gene Simmons, the band leader, who gained powers and weapons that made him truly demonic in appearance and ability.

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