The Kitten Catastrophe Crew are a mischievous group of kittens owned by Mayor Humdinger in the animated series Paw Patrol. Though they mostly use gadgets similar to the Paw Patrol, only for devious schemes concocted by their owner, they once had the same powers as the Mighty Pups in the Paw Patrol sub-series, Mighty Pups Super Paws.

Bio[edit | edit source]

The Kitten Catastrophe Crew are polar and animal opposites of the Paw Patrol, as they do evil things while the Pups do good deeds. They are not only skilled in using the same gadgets as the pups, but they also are skilled in an animal martial art called cat-jitsu. They nearly became unstoppable, thanks to their owner stealing the scroll of the ancient animal martial arts, but were halted by the Paw Patrol.

Mighty Pups Super Paws[edit | edit source]

The Kitten Catastrophe Crew after exposure to the Mighty Meteor

During the first episode of the superhero sub-series of Paw Patrol, the kittens gained the same powers as the Mighty Pups when Harold found a fragment of the very meteor that gave him super powers in the Mighty Pups special/film. While Harold rebuilt his suit and vehicle, the kittens tested out their new powers by stealing tuna from Mr. Porter, a bucket of fish from Captain Horacio Turbot, and Farmer Al's cows, playing on the things that cats like, fish and milk. Harold gave them uniforms similar to those of the Mighty Pups and had his newly named super hench-kitties slow the pups down while he cut Adventure Bay off from the mainland so he could rule it as an island. However, due to the pups blowing up Harold's laser beam, Harold lost the fragment that gave him and the cats their powers. But once he found it, one of the cats intentionally knocked the fragment into the sea, ending their days as super hench-kitties. Afterwards, they went back to doing bad things the old fashioned way.

Ultimately, they joined their owner in being sidekicks to the newest villain in Adventure Bay, The Copycat, during his debut episode.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The kittens, according to Mayor Humdinger, are Harold Humdinger's cousins.
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