Klarion the Witch Boy

Real Name
Klarion Bleak
First Appearance
The Demon #7 (March, 1973)
Jack Kirby
Team Affliations
The Seven Soldiers of Victory
Klarion the Witch Boy
Base of Operations
Sorcery, transformation into Horigal
Skills and Abilities

Klarion the Witch-Boy is a supervillain and antihero in the DC Universe and an enemy to Etrigan the Demon.


Born into a puritanical society of witches, Klarion decided that he wanted freedom and escaped, becoming a powerful witch who causes mischief for fun.


Klarion Bleak was born in Limbo Town (a secret community made up of witches formed from the former residents of the Roanoke colony) to his father Ebaneezer Badde (who disappeared when Klarion was very young) and his mother Charity Bleak.  Limbo Town was located in the Earth and Klarion and the other citizens were told as he was growing up that there was no outside world.  In fact, the town's authorities, the Submissionaries, were tasked with keeping Limbo Town subservient and would secretly form into a single horrible monster called a Horigal to kill freethinkers and use fear to control the populace.  Klarion did not believe this and wished to discover the world beyond.

The day the Sheeda, mysterious invading creatures, came to town, the populace began to fear an invasion from beyond their world. 

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