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First Appearance
The Adventures of Superman (June, 1943) [first appearance],Superman (Vol. 1) #61 (November, 1949) [first appearance in comic book continuities]
Jerry Siegel
Not applicable (naturally occurring element)

Kryptonite is an element in the DC Universe that is capable of killing Superman and other Kryptonians and is made of the irradiated remains of Superman's birth planet Krypton.


The planet Krypton was a world far away from Earth inhabited by a race called the Kryptonians. With its destruction ended up falling meteors energized with the energy of the explosion fell on planet Earth were named Kryptonite, and they weaken the Kryptonians, but it varies from writer to writer how it works and in what sense they weaken and over time the writers made other Kryptonites, that stopped appearing after the crisis of the infinite Earths, but the media continued to use.


The plot involves the color red with unpredictable effects, with time the media (the series and the cartoon Justice League Action) stated that the effect is to generate anger.

Blue would be Bizarro's weakness, but it's good for Superman.

Originally gold was supposed to be permanent removal of powers, but changed to temporary, the Justice League Action design changed to memory.

Silver is hallucinations and this continued in all adaptations of the media.