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Real Name
Colin McKay
First Appearance
[As child] Excalibur (Vol. 1) #2 (November, 1988), [As adult] Excalibur (Vol. 1) #43 (November, 1991)
Chris Claremont, Alan Davis
Team Affliations
Excalibur, The Netherworlders
The Chosen One
Base of Operations
London, England
Animal-like appearance
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience, Swordsmanship Skills, Sound Mimicry
Tools and Weapons

Kylun (Colin McKay) is a superhero in the Marvel Universe and a member of Excalibur.


Mutant Colin McKay was accidentally sent to another dimension as a child, where he was raised as a warrior and returned as an adult named Kylun by the residents of that world.



No information has been revealed about Colin McKay's parents.  What is known is that as a young boy, he was hunted by the henchmen of the villainess Vixen who were looking for mutants.  He was eventually discovered by a benevolent, dimension-warping robot named Widget who transported Colin to safety into another universe called E'erath.  Seeing Colin's sudden appearance as a good omen, the natives accepted him and brought him to the royal household of the now-exiled rulers of E'erath.  He was placed in the care of Zz'ria, the royal counciller and reptillian mystic, and was trained in combat by him at the behest of the exiled Queen Ai'sha.

Some time after, Colin's (now called Kylun) latent mutation emerged, giving him a more lion-like appearance and, remembering the entity that transported him, took on the symbol of Widget as his totem.  He also fell in love with the queen's daughter Princess Sa'tneen, who reciprocated and the two married.

However, the Sorceror Supreme of that universe, the powerful Necrom was threatened by Queen Ai'sha's people and launched an attack, killing thousands.