Ladybird is a bird themed villainess who appeared in the series Paw Patrol in the recurring superhero-themed episode Mighty Pups: Super Paws. She is the main antagonist of the second episode, and the first segments of both the third and fourth episodes of Mighty Pups: Super Paws . She is also the second super powered main antagonist in the series.

Powers[edit | edit source]

Though she was originally a common thief, using her bird headed grabbing device to take anything shiny, she gained both the ability to fly and super strength after finding a fragment of the meteor that gives the Mighty Pups their powers and gave Harold his powers, which was originally found by Mayor Goodway's uncle Otis, a prospector, who gave it to her to use as an anklet decoration for the giant golden chicken statue outside town hall, and putting it around her neck. Ladybird then returned to her headquarters, a giant metal nest, equipped with a laser grid security system, and made herself a bird suit to better fit her namesake. Thus making her a combination of Vulture, due to her being a thief with a bird theme, and Supergirl, due to her super strength and flight, only she uses her powers for evil.

Defeat[edit | edit source]

Ultimately, Ladybird was defeated by the Mighty Pups after Tuck, one half of the Mighty Twins, sneaked inside of Ladybird's nest and disabled her lasers. This allowed Skye to use her powers to rescue the mayor, who was kidnapped by Ladybird when she was taking her car. But the nest began to slip off the cliff due to the amount of things inside and start sliding toward the train station. Ladybird escaped, with Tuck riding on her shoulder, unknowingly, with the golden chicken statue in hand, but after Rubble and Ella stopped the nest from colliding with the train station, the Mighty Pups pursued her in the Super Sonic Jet. Tuck managed to take Ladybird's powers away by unlatching the necklace, allowing Ella to save her little brother by growing giant size to catch him as he fell and allowing the Mighty Pups to use the Super Sonic Jet's tractor beam to catch Ladybird. However, Ladybird soon found the meteor fragment in the claws of a crab and pursued it as it ran away, only to be unsuccessful in regaining it.

Returns[edit | edit source]

Ladybird managed to retrieve another meteor fragment from the containment area of the meteor core in the Lookout and regain her powers. Her original plan was to continue stealing the shiniest things she could find in Adventure Bay, and she also captured Mayor Goodway's pet chicken, Chickaletta, in the process. However, due to Chickaletta pecking at the watch that Ladybird kept her meteor fragment in, the mayor's pet grew to giant size and started walking all over town in her giant form. However, thanks to the Mighty Pups, and a bell to signal Chickaletta to flap her wings as part of a trick for the town holiday, Bell Day, Ladybird's meteor fragment was blown out of her watch and landed on the ground, while Chickaletta returned to normal size. Ladybird soon struck again when she regained her powers while stealing the Golden Lupo Statue from the Adventure Bay Museum, but when she picked up the statue, the larger silver dog statues came to life and did her every bidding. However, she was once again defeated by the Mighty Pups when the Mighty Twins fooled her into thinking that Ella, in disguise, was a giant statue in the desert for her to steal and take back to her hideout in the museum. After she lost her powers and her statue guards when Tuck knocked the statue and the meteor fragment out of her hand, she vowed to return.

Her ultimate plan came around when he teamed up with Harold Humdinger and Copycat in order to steal the Mighty Meteor and both render the pups powerless and allow her and her fellow villains gain more power. By using special energy badges created by Harold, the three villains were able to regain their powers and keep them, without having to worry about losing a fragment of the Mighty Meteor. However, due to the greed and visions of power of all three of the villains, the Mighty Pups managed to regain their powers, stop the villains, and both Harold and Ladybird lost their power badges while Copycat made his escape.

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