Lasso of Truth

Lasso of Truth

Wonder Woman
First Appearance
Sensation Comics (Vol. 1) #6 (December, 1941)
Anyone trapped by it is forced to tell the truth, cannot be broken by mortal men
Full Name
The Magic Lasso of Aphrodite

The Lasso of Truth is a magical artifact that Wonder Woman uses to subdue villains and force them to tell the truth in the DC Universe.



The Golden Lasso of Truth was first created using Aphrodite's girdle.  It was imbued with a multitude of powers including unbreakablity, seemingly infinite elasticity, and most noticably it can force people to tell the truth and to obey the commands of the user.  In the original appearance of the Lasso, it was gifted to her when Wonder Woman first returned to Paradise Island, though later it was retold that it was given to her before she left for the first time.  Eventually, the Lasso was treated in special chemicals created by the Amazons that allowed Wonder Woman to use the Lasso to transform her civilian clothes to her Wonder Woman costume and back.  Wonder Woman was also extremely skilled with the lasso, even capable of swinging it at such a rhythm that it could emit sonic waves to disrupt magic spells.


In the wake of the Crisis, reality itself was rewritten, including the history of the Lasso of Truth.  It began as an artifact known as the Golden Girdle of Gaea, a magical Garment worn by Antiope, the sister of Queen Hippolyta.  Hephaestus, the God of fire, recrafted it into a lasso and gave it the properties of being unbreakable, immutable and indestructible, as well as being able to stretch to great lengths based on the user's needs.  Due to being blessed by the Fires of Hestia, it also forces those who are tied up by it to tell the truth.

When Diana decided to travel to "man's world" (the name for the world outside of Themyscira, the island of the Amazons), she was gifted the Lasso which she used to both fight evil and promote peace and understanding.  Later, Wonder Woman also learned the Lasso could cure insanity, when it showed the god Ares that starting World War III would result in killing any potential worshippers and result in his downfall as well.  For a time, the Amazon Artemis took on the role of Wonder Woman and used the lasso but her inexperience drove the subject mad.

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