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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a superhero team from the comic book of the same name made up of characters from literature.


History of the League Incarnations of the British League Prospero's Men Gulliver's Fellowship Mid-19th Century League First Murray Group Second Murray Group Warralson Team Fourth Murray Group 1958 MI5 League Other Leagues The Time Traveler's League Les Hommes Mystérieux Die Zwielichthelden The Seven Stars League The Victory Vanguard Implied members of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Film Spoof 1988 American League Spoof 1996 "Extraordinary Gentlepersons" League History of the LeagueEdit Queen Gloriana hired Prospero aka John Suttle to form a group of heroes, forming the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. This version of the League existed for many years in the 17th Century.

In the 18th Century a new League was formed, led by Lemuel Gulliver. This incarnation lasted until Gulliver's death in 1799.

A 19th Century League was formed and led by Mina Murray. This League existed for only two years, but was very competent at its tasks in stopping Professor Moriarty and the Martian Invasion.

In the early 20th Century a new League was formed by Murray. This League existed until the 1940s.

The British Government, during the reign of Big Brother, attempted to mimic the Victorian League, but this new incarnation disastrously failed at their first attempts leading to the abandonment of the League by the Government.

Now as an independent group of the Blazing World, the League was eventually was formed in 1969 after an unsuccessful attempt in 1964 by Mina using superheroes.

Incarnations of the British LeagueEdit Prospero's MenEdit The first League was established at the behest of England's Queen Gloriana recommending that Italian sorcerer Prospero and his squire Orlando found a group of extraordinary individuals after her death who would operate independently of the government. This seems to have been done in the hope of establishing a bridgehead between her own faerie realm and the mortal world, via the ethereal Blazing World archipelago in the North Atlantic, in the wake of her successor King Jacob's ruthless purge of faeriekind from the British Isles, and the subsequent retreat of those magical elements from everyday life.

Prospero - a legendary sorcerer and the duke of Milan, accompanied by his familiars Ariel and Caliban. Orlando - immortal warrior and the squire of Prospero (male). Don Quixote - a Spanish knight. Amber St. Clair - a ravishing courtesan. Robert Owemuch - an impoverished sea captain. Christian - an other-worldly traveller. Gulliver's FellowshipEdit The second League was formed by Lemuel Gulliver in the 1750s and secretly gathered in Montague House, London, in service to the British Crown.

Lemuel Gulliver - a traveller of many worlds Fanny Hill - a prostitute Natty Bumppo Orlando - now female, she returns and is an occasional member of this League, she notably is in bed with Lemuel Gulliver when he dies. Captain Clegg / Dr. Syn - a man with a split personality as both a clergyman and a pirate Captain. Percy and Marguerite Blakeney - the true identity of the Scarlet Pimpernel and his wife. Mid-19th Century LeagueEdit Based on some of the portraits displayed at the British Museum HQ, there has been since the first issue of the LEG some fan speculation about the existence of mid-19th century league. Some names frequently mentioned are:

Sir Francis Varney - a vampire. Count Allamistakeo The Blue Dwarf, a.k.a. Sapathwa Jack Harkaway Phileas Fogg - Britisch gentleman traveler. Dorian Grey, a forever young man. Although there are some strong hints of its existence, no reference is made, not even in the Black Dossier issue.

First Murray GroupEdit Mina Murray - A teacher who had encountered Count Dracula. Allan Quatermain - a British Colonial Explorer, addicted to opium and in his 70s. Captain Nemo - formerly Indian Prince Dakkar, now an infamous sea pirate who has sunk hundreds of British vessels. Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde - a scientist who created a way to separate his evil side from him, creating a wicked dwarf who slowly grew bigger and more powerful for the more sins he committed. Hawley Griffin - aka the Invisible Man, a megolamaniac rapist whom was made invisible by unintentional means. Second Murray GroupEdit Mina Murray Allan Quatermain, Jr. - Allan Quatermain made immortal and young again by the Pool of Fire. Orlando - sex changing immortal with tales of grandeur. A.J. Raffles - a thief employed in order to earn a pardon for his crimes. Thomas Carnacki - an occultist detective. Warralson TeamEdit Wharrlson Group Captain Joan Warralson - a Female Airforce Pilot. William Samson Junior - a traveller of the Afghan regions. Iron Warrior - a robot that exploded on it's first mission. Professor James Grey - a survivor of the 1898 Martian invasion, he creates a submarine. Dr. Peter Bradey - a scientist who replacated Hawley Griffin's experiments, but unlike Griffin he was not talented at concealing his identity. Fourth Murray GroupEdit Orlando - Male once again in 1969, female in 2009. Mina Murray Allan Quatermain Mary Poppins 1958 MI5 LeagueEdit Jimmy Bond - a traitorous spy working secretly for the CIA Emma Night - a woman skilled in fighting Hugo Drummond - a bulky strongman, racist, xenophobic but loyal to country and his friend. Other LeaguesEdit The Time Traveler's LeagueEdit Although not officially refered to as a League, this group of characters was formed by The Time Traveller and consisted of three heroes from different points in time. It had been the Traveller's hope to create a group capable of heading off the looming threats of the Lovecraftian world of Yuggoth. This gathering proves ill-fated however, as the three heroes were each drawn from out-of-body experiences, and each returns to his own life before the Traveler can impart any knowledge of consequence about the enemy (though the denizens of Yuggoth would later prove to be persistent foes of later incarnations of the League).