Leo is the name of several supervillains, all of whom are members of the Zodiac organization in the Marvel Universe.

Daniel RadfordEdit

Leo I

Daniel Radford

Real Name
Daniel Radford
First Appearance
Avengers (Vol. 1) #72 (January, 1970)
Roy Thomas, Sal Buscema
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
Los Angeles, California
Skills and Abilities
Career Criminal, Criminal Leader

Daniel Radford was the first person to take on the role of Leo within the Zodiac organization.


A criminal recruited by a mysterious man named Taurus helped form the criminal organization known as Zodiac.


Not much is known about his early life (though it is known he was born under the star sign of Leo), but it can be assumed that Radford was a criminal who had been approached by Taurus at some point to join his Zodiac cartel. He was put in charge of the Zodiac's Los Angeles branch in the guise of Leo, with his real identity hidden from the world, including all Zodiac members save for Taurus. Also, he was head of Zodiac at any point his star sign was in ascendance.

Radford was present when fellow Zodiac member Scorpio brought the defeated Avengers before the Zodiac to be executed for interfering with their business. However, it turned out to be a trap: who they thought was Scorpio was actually Nick Fury and he and the Avengers defeated the Zodiac together.

Leo took part in many schemes and criminal activities for the Zodiac cartel, including assisting in the capturing the entire island of Manhattan and attempting to murder everyone in Manhattan born under the sign of Gemini, only to be defeated again by the Avengers.

Radford, along with many other Zodiac members, was killed by android dopplegangers controlled by Zodiac member Scorpio. The android doppleganger went onto replace Radford.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Radford was a career criminal and was probably particularly skilled and talented in order to be selected by Van Lunt to join the Zodiac Cartel.  Due to the structure of the Zodiac Cartel's leadership, he also has criminal leadership experience in the period of July 22 to August 22 of each year he has been a member.


Claws - Daniel Radford's "Leo" costume came equipped with short claws that he would use in combat.

Leo LMDEdit

The second Leo was an android known as a Life Model Decoy who was part of a Zodiac Cartel made up of androids, save for the leader Scorpio.


The second Leo was an android created by the villain Scorpio to serve as his agent