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Real Name
Carter Granholme
First Apearance
Lightbringer Chapter 1 (2006)
Lewis Lovhaug
Team Affiliations
Base of Operations
Pharos City
Photokinesis, Flight
Skills and Abilitied
Problem solving

Lightbringer (Carter Granholme) is a superhero from the webcomic from the same name.


Carter Granholme was raised as an extreme pacifist by his parents. They taught Carter to avoid conflict and violence at all costs, and he followed in their way of life even though he had a secret love of comic books. Even after his parents were murdered by a gang after moving to the young metropolis of Pharos City, Carter strove to keep their memory alive by abstaining violence at all costs. But in the years since his parents death, the gang problem in Pharos has only gotten worse. Most of the former gangs were absorbed into the citywide mob known as the Slavers. Populated by thugs, rapists, kidnappers, murderers and loan sharks not even the police dare to stand against them. When Carter's vow of pacifism stops him from defending a woman crying for help in an alley, he realizes that pacifism may not always be the answer. With the power to control light that he has kept hidden since he was born, Carter vows to use his unique abilities to stop violence in Pharos City. Donning a mask, a cape, and bleaching his hair with wood stainer Carter Granholm becomes the Lightbringer, the world's first superhero.