Horror at the Lighthouse


Real Name
First Appearance
Beware! #6 (1953)
Bill Woolfolk, Sheldon Moldoff
Team Affiliations
Base of Operations
psychic abilities, mind reading
Skills and Abilities
tentacles, sharp teeth, strength

The Lighthouse Horror is a fictional sea monster that appears in Public Domain comics.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Lester Junes' doctor has told him to find employment in a relaxing situation, so he acquires a position as a lighthouse keeper. He finds the previous keeper resistant to leave. Lester forces the keeper to go, but watches in horror as a tentacled sea-creature attacks the former keeper's boat. The previous keeper is dragged under, but returns later to tell Lester that the creature released him to inform Junes of the deal. If Lester Junes allows ships to crash onto the shoals surrounding the lighthouse, the creature will be satiated with the survivors of the wreck. Lester will be permitted to live if he continues to provide the creature's food of humans. Lester gives a negative answer to the former keeper's suggestion. Over time, Lester see nothing and thinks he imagined the creature. One day, he is in his boat. The creature captures him, threatening to eat him. Lester has no choice but to do the creature's bidding.

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