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The Liquidator


Real Name
Bud Flud
First Appearance
Darkwing Duck, "Dry Hard"
Tad Stones
Team Affliations
The Fearsome Five
Base of Operations
St. Canard
Made entirely out of water, can control water, shapeshifting
Skills and Abilities
Salesmanship Expertise
Tools and Weapons

Liquidator (Bud Flud) is a supervillain who regularly appears in the animated TV series Darkwing Duck.

Liquidator is voiced by Jack Angel and Corey Burton in the DuckTales reboot.


Bud Flud was a corrupt water salesman who tries to poison his competitions water until he was accidentally mutated into a monstrosity of living water. Bud soon used his powers for crime as The Liquidator.


Dry Hard[]

Bud Flud's youth is largely unrevealed as is much of his past, save for the fact that at one point he became an unscrupulous water salesman who owned the Sparkling Crystal Pure Flud Water company. Bud even went so far as to taint the water supply of the competition, which attracted the attention of the authorities and Darkwing Duck. When Koo Koo Fizzy Water was the only company left, he attempted to taint it with a bizarre chemical, only to fall into a vat of water when Darkwing intervened. He seemingly melted into the now toxic water, only to find himself transformed into a being made out of water, with the power to control water. He decides to use his power to change the consistency of St. Canard's water, making it useless and undrinkable, so that people will pay him for his brand of water. However, after a pitched battle, Darkwing was able to defeat Liquidator by throwing quick drying cement on him, turning him into concrete, incapable of movement.

The Fearsome Five[]

Somehow he was freed or escaped that predicament at some point and went on to join the supervillain team The Fearsome Five, formed by the villain NegaDuck for the purposes of conquering St. Canard. The team managed to accomplish their goal but were defeated by a new superhero team known as the Justice Ducks. The Fearsome Five had reformed several times since then. At one point, his power was stolen by NegaDuck, but was returned to him when Darkwing Duck defeated the newly empowered NegaDuck.


Liquidator is a slick talker who speaks like a salesman at all times. He's also incredibly sleazy, willing to stoop to underhanded and dangerous tactics to get what he wants, as he did before he gained powers when he tainted his competitions products. Mostly, he's concerned with gaining wealth and power above all else.


Watery Physiology - Liquidator's body has been completely turned to liquid, making him a being a sentient water.  This makes him next to impossible to hurt physically but this form can be taken advantage of in other way, such as when he was defeated by being mixed with cement.

  • Shapeshifting - Due to Liquidator's liquid body, he is able to transform his shape at will, though only in liquid or semi-liquid forms.
  • Immunity to Most Physical Damage - Liquidator's water body can be disrupted and his form can be destroyed but the water that makes up his body cannot be damaged through conventional physical attacks.
  • Water Absorption - The Liquidator can absorb water into his body to build up his mass to replenish himself.


Skills and Abilities[]