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This is a list of superhero and supervillain teams who originated on television.  Please note that some teams who have appeared on television are NOT here as they first appeared in some other form of media.  For example, the Justice League was a comic team first. The Super Friends, however, first appeared on TV:

A[edit | edit source]

- Alien Force

- The Amoeba Boys

- The Aquabats

F[edit | edit source]

- The Fearsome Five

- The Friendly Four

G[edit | edit source]

- Galaxy Trio

- The Gangrene Gang

- Global Security

H[edit | edit source]

- The Herculoids

- The Hero Selective

L[edit | edit source]

- The Legion Of Super-Heroes

-The Loonatics

I[edit | edit source]

The Impossibles

J[edit | edit source]

- Justice Brood

- Justice Ducks

M[edit | edit source]

- Mega Babies

- Misfits of Science

P[edit | edit source]

- Plumbers

- The Powerpuff Girls

- Power Rangers

- ProStars

R[edit | edit source]

- The Ripping Friends

- Rocket Revengers

- The Rowdyruff Boys

S[edit | edit source]

- Sailor Scouts

- Super Babies

Super Friends

T[edit | edit source]

- Teen ForceTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

- Teen Titans

- ThunderCats

- Team Sonic

- Team Heroes

X[edit | edit source]

- The X-Presidents

- X-Men

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