Little Square Face is the main protagonist of his own series of music videos by Minecraft Jams. While not a superhero, he is shown to have a personal vendetta to avenge his parents.

Origin Edit

Little (which is actually his first name) was first seen as a small child walking to his home one night, to discover his house had gone up in flames. He runs to the burning building, only to be stopped by a creeper. However, his dad pushed the creeper away from his son, sacrificing himself in the process. Hours later, while in the ruins of his house, Little finds an iron pickaxe and begins a lifelong journey. Many years later, he returns to his home as an adult, now armed with a diamond sword and custom diamond armor. An army of creepers ambushes him, but he uses his fighting skills (and an Ender Pearl) to take them out. He discovers a Nether Portal under his house and, after dispatching the zombie pigman guards, enters the portal.

He is seen in Part 2 -- "Destiny" -- entering the Nether and battling a horde of Zombie Pigmen. He later finds a portal that takes him to a cavern, where he encounters a character with Herobrine's powers and having the appearance and weapon of Sephiroth from Final Fantasy. After an intense duel, Little manages to slash Sephiroth's sword in two, killing him and taking his powers. Little is then given Herobrine's characteristic white eyes and teleports away.

In Part 3 -- "There Will Be Love" -- he is seen first in the End, and battling Endermen. He uses Herobrine's skills and a new long diamond sword to kill them all. Then he defeats the Ender Dragon. After, he touches the Ender Dragon egg, and relieves his childhood with Sephiroth and his family, leading to the song "There Will Be Love Again"

In Part 4 -- "Fighting Demons" -- Little defends a village from an army of attackers and with his powers and fighting skills he effortlessly defeats them all. After that, a group of villagers gets attacked from the same attackers, but Little defends with all his might and kills them. He is then shown as a child playing with other children and saving many villagers from dying or being injured. Then he is shown defeating 3 creepers with ease. After that, his dream ends and his journey continues.

Abilities Edit

Combat Skills Edit

Little is shown to be very skilled with a sword, as he is seen guarding a spinning blade attack from a zombie pigman. He also was able to break Sephiroth's sword by slashing hard. He is also skilled with a bow, battle axe, and spear.

Mounting Skills Edit

Little is shown to be able to mount and pilot a ghast by standing on top of it and threatening it with his sword. He later killed the ghast, however.

Teleportation Edit

While his limit is unknown, Little has obtained Herobrine's ability to teleport long distances, However he only teleports at the end.

Other Powers Edit

Little's powers are still to be revealed, but may be evaluated in the next video. We have no idea wether there will be another video though.

Personality Edit

Little is portrayed as having a serious attitude and was hardened by his years of adventuring. He shows to have but one goal: avenge the death of his family at the hands of the creepers. He also shows bravery and does not hesitate when fighting his enemies, no matter how strong they may be.

Trivia Edit

  • Little is believed to be in his 20's at the time of "Destiny".
  • He has had a hatred of creepers ever since childhood.
  • In "Little Square Face", the singer is narrating Little's story. While in "Destiny", the singer is speaking in a way that sounds as if he is Little, giving an inner monologue throughout the video.
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